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A Shared Vision for London

19 April 2016

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Marion Briggs - Posted: 04 May 2016

I took part in the event. I found that it covered a wide range of contributions and opinions from the panel. I was pleasantly surprised at the general conclusions and also the level of consensus about the biggest problem being wealth inequality, which I agree is one of the biggest problems. I was happy that my question about where children play was chosen. Unfortunately it was not discussed. I raised it because I felt that children are not given much space not just physically but in the consciousness of people considering important questions which affect them, such as development, city planning, play spaces and education. Attempts are being made elsewhere to include them in discussions and it would be good to see this happening in London, perhaps with a children and young people's forum of some kind. Overall I enjoyed the event. I think it can be useful and hope there will be similar events in the future.

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