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Niall Ferguson: Men, Money and Morality (1/3)

07 July 2010

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Yuka - Posted: 17 May 2012

Want to unite the over educated class with the under empolyed class? Easy, the over educated class has to return to being pro business, pro energy, and pro marriage. It is easy to ship jobs overseas and enact policies that raise gas prices because your elite job will stay here and you can buy a Prius. Easy divorce and sexual freedom is great when all women are smart enough to use birth control and can get divorced and support a child in style without help if need be.

When you are poor and undereducated, you can't be retrained to do anything that will yield the paycheck the factory used to provide, the kind of cars you can afford are all old, large, and American built and $4 gas is a killer with a small paycheck from Wal*Mart, and single moms live in near squalor, not the world of Murphy Brown.And before the Elites say, let them eat arugula, consider; once you have shipped all the working class jobs overseas and all the fuel is made overseas we won't really need an army of managers and skilled professionals, the best jobs left will be managing a Wal*Mart or a McDonalds. And that pays less and requires much more work than writing policy papers or diversity training.

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