St Paul's Institute

The Only Constant is Change

by Canon Tricia Hillas

Posted: 23 May 2018

From its inception the character, shape and work of the St Paul's Institute has been informed by its context; the lived experience and concerns of people, institutions and organisations in London, the nation and across the world. Given the relational and physical proximity to the City Of London with its lively business and financial life, the Institute has had a particular focus around questions of meaning, ethics and morality in relation to finance, business and the economy. It has, for example, curated a series on 'Good Money, Good People and Good Banks' which included input from Archbishop Justin Welby. More recently, the Institute has actively contributed to the HM Treasury / FCA /Bank of England's enquiry on Fair and Efficient Markets, and begun an important series on Democracy and the Common Good.

Under the guidance of Barbara Ridpath, its present Director and Mark Oakley, the Canon Chancellor, the Institute has maintained its engagement with ethics, finance, business and the economy. At the same time it has developed its scope to address wider issues of equality, stewardship and the meaning of the Common Good. It seems to me hard to think, or to speak, about these matters in isolation. It is this latter strategic approach which has led us to this present step of transferring the oversight of the Institute from the Chancellor to the Canon Pastor.

The Institute's particular expansion of focus coincides with a more general consideration by the Cathedral Chapter of the role of the Cathedral within our changing social, economic, church and political contexts. Such deliberations have been framed around our responsibility, locally, nationally and further afield to act, respond and engage in the areas of social justice, diversity and equality, building community and human well-being. We will listen to our context and discern what our part can best be as we serve alongside others, in light of our own Christian values and our shared commitment to the common good.

The past informs our future actions. We are grateful for what has been achieved to date by all who have come before and all who have contributed in their roles of staff, partners, advisors and associates. We are grateful that Jodi Kiang will continue in her role as Events Planner. We very much look forward to hearing your ideas and working with you in the future.

About this author

The Reverend Canon Tricia Hillas is the Canon Pastor at St Paul's Cathedral.

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