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Welcome to the new Associates of St Paul's Institute

by St Pauls Institute

Posted: 05 Jul 2016

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We are very pleased today to announce the launch of our first group of Associates, an initiative that we have organised to bring new voices into our work at St Paul's Institute. These six people have been invited to participate because each of them have excelled in their respective work and have longstanding relationships with St Paul's Institute and our ongoing mission to engage with questions of morality and ethics and how they relate to finance, business and the economy.

Associates of St Paul's Institute are friends and allies of the Institute that can help articulate some of the issues facing society under the overarching themes of Equality, Stewardship and Common Good. An Associate is a voluntary position that does not directly speak for the Institute, or St Paul's Cathedral. Rather they are intended to provoke dialogue and debate around key issues as well as being available to help assist us in delivering some of the Institute's programming.

This group of Associates is part of our intention to create a safe space for dialogue, promote understanding, and work in partnership or co-operation with other Christian denominations, other faith communities, and all people of goodwill.

Associates of St Paul's Institute are named for a fixed two-year appointment, renewable once at our discretion.

The Associates of St Paul's Institute for 2016 - 2018 are as follows:

David Barclay - Senior Network Co-ordinator of the Church Credit Champions Network

Amrita Bhohi - Project Coordinator at St Ethelburga's Centre for Reconciliation and Peace

Anna Laycock - Lead Strategist at the Finance Innovation Lab

Jasvir Singh - Co-Chair of Faiths Forum for London; Founding Member of City Sikhs

Dr Eve Poole - Lecturer at Ashridge Business School

The Revd Dr James Walters - Chaplain to the London School of Economics

Full biographies are available on our website here.

We look forward to working with our first group and will be sharing articles written by them over the coming months. Please join us in welcoming our new Associates!

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St Paul's Institute seeks to foster an informed Christian response to the most urgent ethical and spiritual issues of our times: equality, stewardship, and the meaning of the common good.

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