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Unique Opportunity to Shape Fair and Effective Markets

by St Pauls Institute

Posted: 22 Sep 2015

In a previous piece from Barbara Ridpath, Director of St Paul's Institute, we highlighted the importance of the Fair and Effective Markets Review and signposted some of the engagement we have been doing in this area.

Many of you will have already noticed the creation of the Open Forum by the Bank of England in response to the Fair and Effective Markets Review. This is an effort by the Bank to open up comment and views on the financial markets to a wider audience.

On our Reports page you will find for download a two-page briefing from St Paul's Institute on the Review which explains its importance and includes a call to action.

We would strongly encourage those who are interested in these areas to consider its relevance to your work and possibly a response and attendance at the Open Forum if you do believe it is relevant and have something to contribute.

Registration for the Open Forum on 11 November at Guildhall is now open until 23 October. Acceptances will be made from the registrations received. The Bank is actively trying to increase participation from the non-financial sector, as are we.

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