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Barbara Ridpath

 Barbara Ridpath

Having spent most of her career in finance in New York, London and Paris, Barbara believes that the restoration of trust in the financial system is best achieved through the power of thoughtful individual actions and behaviours among participants in the system: as employees, managers, investors and public policymakers.

Barbara has an A.B. degree in Economics cum laude from Smith College and a Masters in International Affairs from Columbia University. She is a member of Council at Chatham House, the Royal Institute of International Affairs.

Articles and Opinions by this author

Give me your tired, your poor

Barbara Ridpath, the former director of St Paul's Institute, reflects on a recent visit to Ellis Island.   More »

Posted: 10 Aug 2018

Back to the Future?

The end of this month marks the end of Barbara Ridpath's tenure as Director of St Paul's Institute. This valedictory article looks back at that time but also forward toward the joys and challenges to come.   More »

Posted: 21 May 2018

The Globalisation of Indifference

Barbara Ridpath, Director of St Paul's Institute, helps us consider how community, commonality and faith communities can act as the antidote to the globalisation of indifference.   More »

Posted: 25 Apr 2018

Double-edged Philanthropy

Barbara Ridpath helps us to consider if philanthropy is a better model for wealth redistribution than tax policy.   More »

Posted: 30 Jan 2018

Productive Time

The United Kingdom has a productivity problem. Here you will find a slightly 'tongue in cheek' response to a serious problem for your holiday reading.   More »

Posted: 12 Dec 2017

Ten Lessons for the Tenth Anniversary of the Financial Crisis

Hoping time brings some fresh insights into the lessons from the financial crisis.   More »

Posted: 29 Aug 2017

Why Water?

Today, on World Water Day, we are holding a virtual event. We will be releasing new items each half hour throughout the day using the hashtag #JustWater17.   More »

Posted: 22 Mar 2017

Career Shifting

On Tuesday 21 February, a small group of us were fortunate enough to spend the evening in conversation on career change with journalist Lucy Kellaway.   More »

Posted: 01 Mar 2017

Thirty years after Big Bang: What have we learned?

27 October 2016 marks the 30th anniversary of Big Bang, the change in financial legislation that permitted outside ownership of member firms of the London Stock Exchange.   More »

Posted: 27 Oct 2016 - 1 comment

The Politics of Virtue

Adrian Pabst and John Millbank have tried, with their new book, The Politics of Virtue, to take on the entirety of post-liberalism from politics to economics to international relations.   More »

Posted: 26 Oct 2016

Everybody Lies

The recent EU referendum campaign and the final report of the Chilcott inquiry do little to encourage us to trust our government and our politicians.   More »

Posted: 06 Oct 2016

Post Referendum: Let the Healing Begin

The political contest to come needs to play to the 'better angels of our nature,' not the politics of fear, distrust and isolationism.   More »

Posted: 21 Jul 2016

Introducing JustWater during Christian Aid Week

The subject this year is particularly resonant to St Paul's Institute as we turn our attention to the theme of water and stewardship over the next eighteen months.   More »

Posted: 12 May 2016

Have Your Say on Extractive Industries

The Ethical Investment Advisory Group (EIAG) is developing an ethical investment policy for the extractive industries.   More »

Posted: 29 Apr 2016

Changing the Financial System from Within: Is it possible? Is it happening?

Financial institutions need to be trustworthy to be trusted. In other words they need to re-earn the public's trust and that takes far longer than losing it.   More »

Posted: 16 Feb 2016 - 2 comments

Building Constructive Dialogue on Capitalism

After the crisis, financial systems are still not changing: Christians need to help find ways forward.   More »

Posted: 10 Dec 2015


Harvest Festival Homily given to the Worshipful Company of International Bankers at St Mary-le-Bow Church.   More »

Posted: 08 Oct 2015

Who is my Neighbour?

We cannot presume to take only the benefits of globalisation without assuming any of its costs.   More »

Posted: 17 Sep 2015

Praise Be, Indeed!

The very fact that the Pope chose the environment at the subject of his first encyclical highlights the urgency of the issue and calls people to action.   More »

Posted: 19 Jun 2015

Fair and Effective Markets Review Released

We look forward to continuing to engage in this important conversation on how to re-establish trust in the financial sector.   More »

Posted: 11 Jun 2015

Ethical Banking: Not an Oxymoron

How can financial institutions begin to re-earn the trust and confidence of their customers? Here are six basic strategies.   More »

Posted: 08 Jun 2015 - 1 comment

Equality for All?

A meditation on Archbishop Welby's talk at the Trinity Wall Street Institute conference 'Creating Common Good'.   More »

Posted: 29 Jan 2015

The Individual in the Firm

We need always to consider the individual and the collective responsibility that we have when we consider the firm.   More »

Posted: 15 Dec 2014

Embedding a Good Corporate Culture in Financial Services

Culture is made up, not of mission statements and policy documents, but of the values and purpose of the organisation.   More »

Posted: 16 Oct 2014

The Crisis of Culture

The narrative on the origins of the financial crisis is by now well-rehearsed, but bears repeating with a particular focus on culture.   More »

Posted: 08 Oct 2014

Late Summer Reading?

I had the pleasure of dipping into several relevant books this summer and thought readers might appreciate recommendations on some fruitful reading.   More »

Posted: 15 Sep 2014

First Impressions

It is now just over a month since I started my new position as Director of St Paul's Institute. An appropriate time to sketch some first impressions of the Institute and its future.   More »

Posted: 04 Jul 2014 - 1 comment