Franciscan Wisdom for a Global Future

by Brother Samuel SSF

Posted: 16 Jun 2010

St Francis of Assisi is perhaps the worlds most well-known and best-loved saint. But there's a danger in popularity.

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About this author

Brother Samuel SSF is Minister Provincial at the Society of St Francis

Karl Oles - Posted: 23 Jul 2010

95% of Brother Samuel's essay is great. It is wonderful to learn from St. Francis, appropriate to consider all parts of the earth and its contents as gifts from God, and appropriate to cultivate an attitude of charity, generosity, and peace towards our fellows. That's why the comments at the end of the essay come as such a shock. Brother Samuel, fresh from talking about global understanding, tosses out the casually contemptuous remarks that (1) ex-President Bush cares nothing for the earth, but is only interested in technology, and (2) the "American dream" is entirely selfish and material. These cartoonish slanders mar his otherwise interesting essay.

Paul A Newman - Posted: 4 Apr 2013

But surely justified as intended reference to the deeply entrenched and influential Republican Right and their 'true' Christian rhetoric?'


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