What is the Price of Morality in Financial Markets?

by Andy Brookes

Posted: 6 Aug 2010

A Christian examination of how morality can fit into the business and dealings of the financial markets, and how we might view our individual role in the creation of a moral marketplace.

This article is based on a lecture under the title "Do bankers deserve their bonuses?" given at Lichfield Cathedral as part of a series "Issues in the run up to the election" in March, 2010. It was later adapted as a piece for the April 2010 issue of Financial World magazine, a publication of the ifs School of Finance.

Andy Brookes has spent most of his career as an economist at the CBI, Bank of England and Reserve Bank of New Zealand. For the past five years he ran a change programme in the London Insurance market. He is now CEO of the Church of England in London.

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About this author

Andy Brookes is Chief Executive and General Secretary for the Diocese of London.


The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author, and do not necessarily represent the views of St Paul's Institute or St Paul's Cathedral.