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Articles & Transcripts

As part of creating a space for conversation about these topics, we feel it is important to offer relevant articles and transcripts of events from the past. 

These items, because of their varying age, may have some references that are out-of-date; however, they have all been chosen for their relevance to the conversation that we wish to promote and their timeless qualities. 

Of particular interest will be the proceedings, including full transcripts, of St Paul's Institute's 2009 event series:
Money, Integrity, Wellbeing: Addressing moral questions raised by the financial crisis

Please note that a number of the resources available here are hosted off-site and therefore we cannot control their content.

Building an Ethical Economy: Theology and the Marketplace
Online videos of the Trinity Institute's January 2010 conference.  Featuring Archbishop Rowan Williams, Sir Partha Dasgupta, Kathryn Tanner and Bernard Ntahoturi.

To do 'God's work', bankers need morals
by Niall Ferguson,, 5th July 2010

Do regulators have a role to play in judging culture and ethics?
Speech by Hector Sants, Chief Executive, FSA, 17th June 2010