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15 May 2017
Top UK fund manager divests from fossil fuels
The archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, played a crucial role in the divestment from fossil fuels by the fund manager, as president of BMO's responsible investment. council. More »

09 May 2017
Ethical businesses and the moral responsibility of tax
A JustShare debate on taxation More »

08 May 2017
In our uncertain times, religion must lead by example
Bishops have been criticised for advocating a leftwing perspective. But surely Christianity - and other religions - should promote fairness and equality by default More »

05 Apr 2017
Boardroom pay: Theresa May must act to curb the excesses
Government must intervene if boards are too feeble to tackle the growth of incentive schemes. More »

03 Apr 2017
The Road to Somewhere by David Goodhart - a liberal's rightwing turn on immigration
Book Review of David Goodhart's new work. More »

17 Mar 2017
Worthy of trust? Law, ethics and culture in banking
Blog post on trust, ethics and culture in finance from David Rouch, Chair of the St Paul's Institute Advisory Council. More »

09 Feb 2017
Chairman of HSBC joins Archbishop of Canterbury's initiative to promote responsible lending
The Archbishop of Canterbury's Just Finance Foundation announced today the appointment of Douglas Flint, Chairman of HSBC Holdings PLC as non-executive Chairman of the Foundation. More »

31 Jan 2017
New shale gas and fracking briefing paper released
Church of England Paper assesses shale gas and fracking as they relate to local communities, the environment, UK energy policy and the UK's commitment to carbon reduction targets under the COP21 agreement. More »

16 Jan 2017
Church of England leads major initiative to embed climate concerns in investment decisions
Thirteen leading international asset owners and five asset managers with over 2 trillion under management have launched the Transition Pathway Initiative (TPI). More »

04 Nov 2016
Divine Welcome: The Ethics of Hospitality in Islam and Christianity
Hospitality is a word pregnant with meaning but at its simplest level, it is regarded as a virtue in all three monotheistic religions. More »

03 Oct 2016
Poverty and Shared Prosperity 2016 : Taking on Inequality
Poverty and Shared Prosperity 2016 is the first of an annual flagship report that will inform a global audience with the latest and most accurate estimates on trends in global poverty and shared prosperity. More »

27 Sep 2016
Lessons in character building show positive results in schools
A new approach to teaching that encourages the development of positive character attributes, including respect for diversity, perseverance, collaboration and empathy, has been successfully piloted by the Church of England's Education Office. More »

14 Sep 2016
Why does resettling a refugee cost 17,000 in the US - but 85,000 in Britain?
The news that it could cost the UK 1.7bn to welcome 20,000 Syrian refugees raises questions about why Canada, Germany and the US spend less. More »

01 Aug 2016
Poverty costs UK 78bn a year, Joseph Rowntree Foundation says
The effects of poverty in the UK cost the average taxpayer 1,200 a year, and the UK 78bn in total, a report says. More »

19 Jul 2016
Church Commissioners top rated for Responsible Investment by UNPRI
The Church Commissioners have again been highly rated for their work on Responsible Investment over the past year by a United Nations-backed organisation. More »

19 Jul 2016
Churches and families urged to house Syrian refugees by Archbishop
The Most Reverend Justin Welby launched the new scheme for community groups to support refugees at Lambeth Palace alongside Amber Rudd. More »

18 Jul 2016
Bishop of St Albans says tackling housing insecurity key to tackling poverty
On 14th July 2016 the House of Lords debated a motion from Lord Bird, "That this House takes note of the case for tackling the causes of poverty in the United Kingdom" More »

25 May 2016
Coastal flooding: a sign of the damage our economy is wreaking on our fragile environment
A report ranking cities most at risk from coastal flooding is a stark reminder that the paradigm of economic development and prosperity no longer holds true - by Rowan Williams. More »

05 May 2016
Church Commissioners receive top awards and triple-A rating
The Church Commissioners for England have taken home two prizes at this year's Portfolio Institutional Awards - the Best Charity / Fund / Trust Award for the first time since 2013, and the Best Implementation of Responsible Investment Award for the second year in a row. More »

05 May 2016
New debt advice service launched at West Hampstead church
St James' Church service will provide free, independent, confidential and impartial advice, information and support to all people in the local community who are experiencing financial difficulty. More »

24 Mar 2016
The price of a cathedral - and how deans pay it
In the UK cathedrals are totally self-financing. Keeping them going is like trying to run a private school with no fee-paying parents or a small kingdom with no taxpayers. More »

22 Mar 2016
Kirk to work with Islamic Finance Council on ethical financial services
The Church of Scotland and Islamic Finance Council UK have announced a partnership to create ethical financial services. More »

22 Mar 2016
Eco-funding plan launched; Generic Solutions revamped
The Diocese has taken prompt action to help parishes close any funding gap in the wake of government changes to renewable energy incentives. More »

23 Feb 2016
Seeking our First Eleven Eco Churches
The Diocese of London warmly supports Eco Church. This complements and reinforces the Diocese's environmental programmes for churches. Sign up to Eco Church today! More »

19 Feb 2016
Power to the parish: Christians in the UK are challenging the government on energy prices
A new initiative from the Christian community - The Big Church Switch - could pose the most effective challenge yet to the government's regressive energy agenda. More »

20 Jan 2016
Church Commissioners call on Exxon to prepare for a lower carbon future
A group of investors including the Church Commissioners for England are urging ExxonMobil to disclose the resilience of its business model in the wake of the Paris Agreement on climate change. More »

12 Jan 2016
Primates 2016: Archbishop of Canterbury's address
Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby's address at the Primates meeting in Canterbury, Monday 11th January 2016. More »

12 Jan 2016
Church Publishes 2014 Attendance Statistics
New Church of England statistics for 2014 published today show that just under one million people attend services each week. More »

26 Nov 2015
Climate Change Presentation at Synod
The Archbishop and Mrs Margaret Sentamu gave a presentation at General Synod on Climate Change. This follows their visit to churches and communities in Samoa ,Tonga and Fiji earlier this year. More »

26 Nov 2015
General Synod backs work to help vulnerable refugees
The General Synod has given its overwhelming backing to work by parishes and dioceses to support the resettlement of vulnerable Syrian refugees. More »

13 Nov 2015
Longer Sunday shopping hours: Church's argument against them isn't about religion
Malcolm Brown, Director of Mission and Public Affairs for the Church of England, outlines the argument against further deregulation. More »

12 Nov 2015
New report consolidates finances of the Church of England
The Church of England has published a new overview of its finances for the 10 years from 2004-2013. More »

23 Oct 2015
Church of England to hand mansion over to refugees
Georgian retreat house in Warwickshire could house dozens of new arrivals as clerics move to back up offers to ease refugee crisis. More »

19 Oct 2015
Bishops call on Prime Minister to provide "meaningful and substantial response" to refugee crisis
The letter signed by 84 bishops calls for the Government to increase the number of Syrian refugees being resettled to this country "to a minimum of 50,000" over the next five years. More »

13 Oct 2015
Church Commissioners sign PRI Montreal Pledge
The Church Commissioners for England has announced that it has signed the PRI Montreal Pledge, an initiative that commits signatories to measuring and publicly disclosing the carbon footprint of their equity portfolio each year. More »

29 Sep 2015
Church urges wealthy to lend to the poor
Sir Hector Sants is calling upon the wealthy to lend to credit unions and help run co-operatives in an attempt to raise their profile and fill the vast gap left by the shrinking payday lending sector. More »

23 Sep 2015
Pope Francis calls for climate change action in White House speech
"Such change demands on our part a serious and responsible recognition not only of the kind of world we may be leaving to our children, but also to the millions of people living under a system which has overlooked them." More »

03 Sep 2015
Archbishop of Canterbury's statement on the migrant crisis
"We cannot turn our backs on this crisis. We must respond with compassion." More »

13 Aug 2015
Can Pope Francis clean up God's bank?
Untraceable cash transfers and a culture of secrecy made the Vatican bank one of the world's most notorious financial institutions. But Pope Francis's attempts at reform are meeting ferocious resistance. More »

11 Aug 2015
Show more compassion to migrants, urge bishops
Church of England bishops have urged the Government to show more compassion to people seeking sanctuary in Britain. The bishops accuse it of shirking its moral responsibility, and using "unhelpful" rhetoric. More »

23 Jul 2015
The Austerity State
Financial Times analysis of council spending data, to examine the impact of austerity-driven spending cuts. More »

22 Jul 2015
What difference are women bishops making?
This week sees the consecration of the Church of England's most senior woman bishop so far: the first female to be in charge of a diocese. More »

14 Jul 2015
General Synod welcomes climate change policy
The General Synod of the Church of England has overwhelmingly welcomed the new climate change policy adopted by the Church's investing bodies. More »

26 Jun 2015
Capitalism should stop being so self-serving
If we relied solely on self-interest, society would collapse - but inclusive capitalism benefits everyone. Article by Archbishop Justin Welby. More »

19 Jun 2015
Pope Francis releases Encyclical on climate change
Full text of the Encyclical Laudato Si' available here. More »

19 Jun 2015
Climate Change and Moral Responsibility
Archbishop Justin Welby and Archbishop Bartholomew, spiritual leader of the Eastern Orthodox Church, appeal to the world's governments to act decisively and conscientiously on climate change. More »

09 Jun 2015
Challenger banks need helping hand to take on UK's Big Five
New entrants thriving but financial crisis left 'too big to fail' lenders even harder to displace. Opinion piece by Jonathan Ford. More »

05 Jun 2015
Norway's pension fund to divest $8bn from coal, a new analysis shows
Largest fossil fuel divestment yet will affect 122 companies across the world, including SSE and Drax in the UK. More »

15 May 2015
Church Commissioners announce total return on investments at 14.4% in 2014
The Church Commissioners for England have announced their 2014 financial results with the publication of their annual report. More »

14 May 2015
Job Advert - Church Credit Champions Network
The Centre for Theology & Community is looking for a dynamic and effective London Co-ordinator for the Church Credit Champions Network. More »

12 May 2015
New Report Shows How to Decarbonize Development with 3 Steps to a Zero Carbon Future
A new World Bank Group report lays out three steps countries can follow to reduce net emissions of greenhouse gases to zero and stabilize climate change. More »

12 May 2015
Archbishop welcomes training for churches to help people in debt
New training resource designed to help local churches "play a vital role" in signposting people to free and professional debt advice services. More »

05 May 2015
Pope Francis criticises gender pay gap
The pontiff's defence of women's economic rights, made during his weekly audience in St Peter's Square before a crowd of about 20,000 people, reflect his continued drive to modernise the tone - if not the teachings - of the Catholic Church. More »

30 Apr 2015
Church of England National Investing Bodies and transition to a low carbon economy
The Church Commissioners and The Church of England Pensions Board have today announced the 12million divestment from thermal coal and tar sands. More »

29 Apr 2015
The Austerity Delusion
The case for cuts was a lie. Why does Britain still believe it? Article by Paul Krugman. More »

28 Apr 2015
Vatican urges action on climate change
The Vatican Science Academy will urge Christians to take action on climate change because it threatens the world's poor. More »

27 Apr 2015
Crisis over? Not yet: 2015 will be the worst year in history for UK bank fines
S&P; predicts that the big four's bill for misconduct fines and compensation for PPI and interest rate product mis-selling will hit almost 14bn this year. More »

22 Apr 2015
More than a million people have used food banks in past year
The latest figures from the Trussell Trust, which coordinates a network of food banks in the UK, show a 19% year-on-year increase in food bank users. More »

22 Apr 2015
Earth Day: scientists say 75% of known fossil fuel reserves must stay in ground
Leading scientists and economists release statement to mark Earth Day in which they urge leaders to keep to commitments to avoid dangerous global warming. More »

21 Apr 2015
Payday lender Wonga reports 37.3m loss for 2014
Short-term lender Wonga made a pre-tax loss of 37.3m in 2014 amid a major overhaul of the controversial company. More »

15 Apr 2015
Melanie McDonagh: Religious people see the greater good - unlike our politicians
The evening at St Martin-in-the-Fields offered an insight into the vexed question of whether Christianity, and religious belief generally, has a part to play in the election or in politics. More »

14 Apr 2015
Owner of a Credit Card Processor Is Setting a New Minimum Wage: $70,000 a Year
The United States has one of the world's largest pay gaps, with chief executives earning nearly 300 times what the average worker makes, according to some economists' estimates. More »

10 Apr 2015
Why everyone benefits when women are in employment
Expanding economic opportunity for women around the world is vitally important for the economic benefit it brings for women, their families, and their communities, and for women's empowerment more broadly. More »

02 Apr 2015
Bishop joins effort to restore faith in UK banking system
Dame Colette Bowe has assembled a diverse board including a bishop (the Rt Revd David Urquhart), a philosopher and a trade unionist to oversee the task of restoring trust in Britain's scandal-plagued banking sector. More »

02 Apr 2015
Guardian Media Group to divest its 800m fund from fossil fuels
GMG becomes largest fund yet known to pull out of coal, oil and gas companies in a move chair Neil Berkett calls a 'hard-nosed business decision' justified on ethical and financial grounds. More »

01 Apr 2015
JPMorgan Execs Said Deposed in SEC Asset-Management Probe
The Securities and Exchange Commission's enforcement division is looking at whether senior asset-management executives at the bank developed a policy of improperly steering clients into investments for JPMorgan's own financial gain. More »

01 Apr 2015
The World is Our Host: A call to urgent action for climate justice
A group of 17 Anglican bishops from all six continents has called for urgent prayer and action on the "unprecedented climate crisis." More »

30 Mar 2015
Rock Star Bob Geldof Spearheads U.S. Private-Equity Push Into Ethiopia
KKR, Blackstone, Paul Tudor Jones help drive investment as Africa makes historic shift from aid to trade. More »

27 Mar 2015
Lean In: How Men Can Support Gender Equity
Part of a blog series for Women's History Month featuring stories of men and women working to create a more equal and safe world. More »

26 Mar 2015
2015 MBA scholarship launched to develop women leaders
The 30% Club Women in Leadership Scholarship - in association with the Financial Times - have announced a fully-funded place on the world-renowned Henley MBA. More »

25 Mar 2015
Women make inroads on UK boards but top slots remain elusive
Women account for fewer than one in 10 senior executives at the UK's biggest public companies, even as the overall number of female board members approaches the government's 25 per cent target. More »

24 Mar 2015
Banks are staying put in Britain, despite what the City analysts say
Mega-banks unlikely to flee abroad after taxpayer bailouts - and there are questions over whether Singapore and China would be capable of hosting them - says Nils Pratley. More »

18 Mar 2015
Barclays risks shareholder backlash as managers share 16m share bonuses
Chief executive Antony Jenkins is one of 11 key executives to share a bumper payout, as the bank awaits a fine for its role in the forex rigging scandal. More »

18 Mar 2015
Barclays halves bonus payouts for top executives
Barclays has slashed the payouts to its top bosses by half, yesterday revealing that the group of executives at the head of the bank received 16.5m in shares for deferred bonuses and new awards. More »

17 Mar 2015
Ed Davey backs divestment from 'very risky' coal assets
British pension and insurance funds should urgently consider divesting from coal and it's up to government to provide an incentive structure, says UK energy and climate change secretary. More »

16 Mar 2015
Bankers to face new fitness test under FCA rules
Financial services firms will be forced to vet thousands of staff each year and make sure they are "fit and proper" to perform their roles under a new framework. More »

06 Mar 2015
How testosterone-fuelled men corrupt competition and hurt company profits
The first in a series of three exclusive extracts from the book 'Capitalism's Toxic Assumptions: Redefining Next Generation Economics' by Eve Poole. More »

05 Mar 2015
European Banking Authority cracks down on British banker's bonus cap "allowance" loophole
The European Union is ramping up pressure on the UK to comply with new laws on capping bonuses which could see London based banks reducing remuneration. More »

04 Mar 2015
We're desperate to believe in something. But bringing God into economics is risky
To those like the 'good right' seeking a new moral vision for Britain, the false idols and unintended consequences of Thatcherism offer a cautionary tale - comment piece from Eliza Filby. More »

04 Mar 2015
Banks' PPI bill now totals 24.4bn
The bill for the mis-selling of payment protection insurance (PPI) by the five biggest banks in the UK has now reached 24.4bn, says consumer group Which? More »

23 Feb 2015
Don't condemn the Church. Who else argues for the common good?
The bishops, in their letter, accuse UK parties of failing to offer 'attractive visions of the kind of society and culture they wish to see' - Will Hutton More »

20 Feb 2015
If I ruled the world: Margaret Drabble
Margaret Drabble is a novelist. She was awarded the Golden PEN Award in 2011 for "a lifetime's distinguished service to literature". More »

18 Feb 2015
Church of England bishops' pastoral letter: key points
Bishops publish 52-page open letter to help church members consider how to negotiate 'dangerous times to build the kind of society which people say they want'. More »

09 Feb 2015
A Fair Day's Wage
The return of fair pay? James Surowiecki writes on the Fortune 50 company Aetna's move to higher wages for its lowest-paid workers. More »

09 Feb 2015
HSBC files show - global reaction
World's second-biggest bank under fire over tax practices - live updates. More »

06 Feb 2015
BP Advises Shareholders to Support Resolution on Climate Change at 2015 AGM
The Church Commissioners for England - members of the "Aiming for A" coalition - have welcomed the decision by the BP Plc Board. More »

05 Feb 2015
Archbishop of Canterbury's speech on 'The Good Economy'
Speech on 'The Good Economy', delivered at Church House, Westminster at an event organised by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Inclusive Growth. More »

04 Feb 2015
Business should lead the way in creating a more equal society
Comment piece in the Evening Standard from Liam Byrne MP, chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Inclusive Growth. More »

04 Feb 2015
Archbishop Justin Welby tells firms - pay your taxes
The Archbishop of Canterbury has entered the febrile debate about the role of business in society, telling me that high levels of inequality must be tackled. More »

03 Feb 2015
Britain's epidemic of private despair makes this an economic crisis like no other
Comment piece from Aditya Chakrabortty on the ongoing effects of the financial crisis and the people it impacts. More »

03 Feb 2015
BP scales back exploration ambitions as profits hit
BP has heavily cut back its exploration ambitions after the company reported near a 10 per cent fall in 2014 profits caused by the global slump in oil prices. More »

27 Jan 2015
New Greek PM appoints radical economist to new government
Greece set to clash with EU as economics post goes to radical who described austerity measures as 'fiscal waterboarding'. More »

27 Jan 2015
Report of the Commission on Inclusive Prosperity
Report by Lawrence Summers and Ed Balls published by the Center for American Progress, highlighting the need for inclusive prosperity that serves the common good. More »

21 Jan 2015
Co-op Bank gets set to reject even more businesses
The Co-op has refused to lend 1.4bn to customers who do not meet its ethical standards and has pledged to tighten its policy further. More »

19 Jan 2015
Half global wealth held by the 1%
Oxfam warns of widening inequality gap, days ahead of Davos economic summit in Switzerland. More »

16 Jan 2015
Lambeth's turbulent priest utters harsh truths
Archbishop Welby is right to warn on Britain's social fragmentation. More »

16 Jan 2015
English archbishops attack government over rising inequality
Entitled 'On Rock or Sand? Firm Foundations for Britain's Future', the book is intended to provide a moral framework to the political debate before May's vote. More »

21 Dec 2014
A Christian leader who is living in the real world
Archbishop Welby has had a powerful impact on some urgent social and economic issues. More »

16 Dec 2014
Bank stress tests: Co-op fails as Lloyds and RBS scrape through
Three out of eight high street banks found to be lacking financial strength in Bank of England tests. More »

12 Dec 2014
Society is going to bite back at the fat cats
Anthony Hilton comments on why big business needs to pay close attention to the outrage focused on it by wider society. More »

08 Dec 2014
Food banks: Archbishop of Canterbury urges politicians to face up to Britain's hunger
Politicians from all parties will today be challenged to confront the "simple but devastating fact that hunger stalks this country". More »

05 Dec 2014
Church of England challenges BP and Shell over global warming
The church will submit a shareholder resolution calling on the energy companies to take action to "adapt their businesses over the long term for a low carbon economy". More »

01 Dec 2014
Amazon Christmas boycott campaign gathers weight
Customers' commitment, through Amazon Anonymous, to spend elsewhere now adds up to more than 2.5m. More »

24 Nov 2014
Ten Years of Successful Engagement for Church Investors Group
Engagement by the CIG has led to nearly 30 FTSE 350 constituent companies improving their disclosure and management of greenhouse gas emissions. More »

19 Nov 2014
The Future of Financial Rreform
Speech given by Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England, for the 2014 Monetary Authority of Singapore Lecture. More »

17 Nov 2014
BoE's Mark Carney urges banker bonus overhaul
New standards may be needed to put bankers' fixed pay at risk, as part of efforts to reduce imprudent risk-taking and short-termism in finance, the Bank of England governor has said. More »

11 Nov 2014
The $9 Billion Witness: Meet JPMorgan Chase's Worst Nightmare
Meet the woman JPMorgan Chase paid one of the largest fines in American history to keep from talking. More »

28 Oct 2014
Gender equality in the workplace "won't be achieved until 2095" says WEF
When it comes to gender equality, the UK is the 26th-best country in the world, a report by the World Economic Forum (WEF) shows. More »

27 Oct 2014
The Fair and Effective Markets Review (FEMR) publishes consultation document
How fair and effective are the fixed income, foreign exchange and commodities markets? More »

27 Oct 2014
Italy's Monte dei Paschi shares suspended after 'stress tests'
In all, 24 of 123 banks failed the European Banking Authority (EBA) tests, designed to find out if they could withstand another financial crisis. More »

27 Oct 2014
Britain's two billion euro bill explained
The figures released are calculated on the basis of a review of the economic performance and pace of growth of member states since 1995. More »

23 Oct 2014
Facebook pays no UK corporation tax for a second year
Social media company reports a pre-tax loss of 11.6m for 2013, despite its US parent making a net profit of 900m. More »

22 Oct 2014
4 Banks, Including JPMorgan, Fined in Europe Over 'Cartel' Behavior
The European Commission has fined four major financial institutions 93.9 million euros, or about $120 million, over two types of activity that it deemed as cartel behaviour. More »

12 Oct 2014
After Rule Changes, Focus Shifts to Ethics of Banking
Bankers need to undergo an ethical transformation in order to ensure the financial system is no longer a threat to prosperity and trust in free markets, regulators, bankers and religious leaders said Sunday. More »

10 Oct 2014
Justin Welby invites financiers to join quasi-monastic community
Archbishop Welby will talk about his initiative during a panel discussion at the International Monetary Fund's annual meeting in Washington on Sunday. More »

02 Oct 2014
Wonga to write off debt for 330,000 customers
The payday lender has announced that it will write off the debt following discussions between new chairman Andy Haste and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). More »

30 Sep 2014
Why shame is the most dominant feature of modern poverty
Jeremy Seabrook comments on the idea that shame is the most persistent attribute of contemporary poverty. More »

29 Sep 2014
Lloyds Dismisses Eight Staff Over Rate Rigging
Lloyds Banking Group PLC has dismissed eight employees in relation to the bank's attempts to rig a number of benchmarks. The part government-owned bank also clawed back 3 million in bonuses from the individuals. More »

26 Sep 2014
Church of England to pay Living Wage in schools
All Church of England schools will become accredited Living Wage employers under a plan announced by the National Society and the trade union Unison. More »

24 Sep 2014
Rockefellers to switch investments to 'clean energy'
The Rockefeller Brothers Fund is joining a coalition of philanthropists pledging to rid themselves of more than $50bn (31bn) in fossil fuel assets. More »

23 Sep 2014
Barclays fined 38m for putting clients' money 'at risk'
Barclays has been fined a record 38m by the City regulator for failing to keep its clients' money separate from its own. More »

15 Sep 2014
Slow Money for a Digital Age
Nigel Wilson, CEO of Legal and General, talks on why money needs to be our servant again instead of our master and how to change the tide. More »

12 Sep 2014
Barclays picks Aviva's McFarlane as new chairman
Banking and insurance veteran will be tasked with overseeing the British bank's efforts to improve culture, standards and performance. More »

02 Sep 2014
Jane Martinson: 10 lessons I've learned from being Guardian women's editor
From the internet to gender stereotyping, this job has changed my views of virtually everything I see and hear. Here are just some of the most important. More »

01 Sep 2014
Starting money lessons early is just the first step
Financial education is now compulsory within the National Curriculum, but there is still more to do, says Helena Morrissey. More »

29 Aug 2014
Bankers' bonuses rise faster than rest of UK workforce
Bankers' bonuses rose at double the rate for the UK's overall workforce over the past year, official data show. More »

27 Aug 2014
RBS fined 14.5m over mortgage advice
Financial Conduct Authority found 'serious failings' in its advice to mortgage customers. More »

26 Aug 2014
Ethical Investment Advisory Group - Annual Review 2013/14
Annual Review from the Church of England's Ethical Investment Advisory Group. More »

13 Aug 2014
Business has lost its place in the community
The relationship between business, government and society, shattered during the financial crisis of 2008, shows little sign of repairing itself. More »

06 Aug 2014
HSBC writes to Chancellor to plead for Vickers reform delay
The chairman of one of Britain's biggest banks has urged the Government to delay plans to formally separate the retail and investment banking arms of lenders. More »

30 Jul 2014
Badly-performing bankers may have to repay bonuses seven years on
The Bank of England has unveiled plans that mean badly-performing bankers may have to pay back bonuses up to seven years after being awarded them. More »

29 Jul 2014
Mark Carney considers further action over 218m Lloyds fine for rigging fees
State-backed lender has become latest bank to pay fine for alleged manipulation of key rate. More »

29 Jul 2014
Gender pay gap widens with women earning an average of 5,000 less, reports ONS
It is the first time the gap has widened between men and women since 2008, according to the Office for National Statistics. More »

17 Jul 2014
Female bishops and David Cameron's catwalk-ready reshuffle
The cause of equality has been taken to a higher level in England - Robert Shrimsley. More »

16 Jul 2014
Women CEOs Are Good For Business, Says Study
An analysis from Fortune showed that Fortune 1000 companies with female CEOs record better stock market returns than those with male CEOs. More »

11 Jul 2014
Church of England finally severs financial links with Wonga
Justin Welby had attacked Wonga, but 24 hours later it was revealed that the church had indirect exposure to the lender. More »

11 Jul 2014
World Council of Churches pulls fossil fuel investments
Campaigners hail 'major victory' as council representing half a billion Christians says it will stop investing in fossil fuels. More »

07 Jul 2014
Has GDP outgrown its use?
Governments and the media obsess about it while statisticians endlessly fiddle - but what is the real point of GDP and can it ever be accurately measured? More »

02 Jul 2014
CofE's Ethical Investment Advisory Group - ethical investment restrictions tightened
From this month none of the EIAG's investment exclusions have a revenue threshold higher than 10%, a reduction on the previous 25% threshold. More »

26 Jun 2014
Barclays shares fall 7% on fraud accusation
Lawsuit alleges the bank falsified documents and misrepresented benefits it was offering to big institutional clients, including pension funds. More »

25 Jun 2014
Green Investment Bank to set up 1bn offshore wind projects
The Green Investment Bank (GIB), the government-backed funding group, yesterday announced that it would launch a 1bn fund to invest in offshore wind projects. More »

25 Jun 2014
Morning People Are Less Ethical at Night
Over the past few years, management and psychology research has uncovered something interesting: both energy and ethics vary over time. More »

25 Jun 2014
Wonga to pay 2.6m compensation for fake debt firm letters
FCA orders payday lender to compensate 45,000 customers after it sent threatening letters from non-existent companies. More »

17 Jun 2014
Insecure Britain: poll shines light on nation's economic anxiety
A majority of the public (56%) accept that the economic recovery is real, but fewer than one in five voters, just 18%, say their families are benefiting. More »

10 Jun 2014
Co-op Bank appoints ex-competition chief to head ethics committee
Britain's Co-operative Bank on Tuesday appointed Laura Carstensen, a former deputy chairman of Britain's competition watchdog, to chair a committee set up to safeguard its ethical principles. More »

10 Jun 2014
The crisis shows moral capital is in secular decline
As long as incentives are at odds with ethics, common decency will be a minority pursuit - John Plender. More »

09 Jun 2014
Business as usual: how we are dominated by the language of markets
Rowan Williams reviews Mammon's Kingdom by David Marquand and wonders if Britain has lost all sense of moral purpose. More »

05 Jun 2014
Banks' fines to soar past $100 billion
Europe's biggest banks face $104bn (62bn) bill, as regulators throughout the world ramp up fines for bad behaviour. More »

05 Jun 2014
PPI: Compensation payouts could have 1bn shortfall
Some leading banks may have underpaid compensation certain customers are due for mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance, the BBC has learned. More »

29 May 2014
Inclusive Capitalism: Creating a Sense of the Systemic - Mark Carney
Full text of the speech given by Mark Carney of the Bank of England to the Conference of Inclusive Capitalism. More »

29 May 2014
Financial advice to be available in church
The Church of England has launched a new scheme to promote responsible lending, which will see people being given financial advice in church. More »

29 May 2014
Economic Inclusion and Financial Integrity - Christine Lagarde
Full text of the address given by Christine Lagarde of the IMF to the Conference on Inclusive Capitalism. More »

28 May 2014
Mammon's Kingdom: An Essay on Britain, Now by David Marquand - review
Britain has gone wrong: greed and inequality are rampant. How do we create a society in which money isn't worshipped so fawningly and people have more regard for one another? More »

23 May 2014
Barclays slapped with $44 mln fine over gold price fix
Barclays Plc has been fined 26 million pounds ($43.8 million) for failures in internal controls that allowed a trader to manipulate the setting of gold prices. More »

22 May 2014
The City of London Festival (22nd June - 17th July)
Special events and world-class artists in beautiful surroundings, with unique opportunities for targeted business dialogue, community involvement, learning and participation. More »

16 May 2014
Consumer credit firms must raise advertising standards, says FCA
Statistics show that one in five adverts from consumer credit firms, for products including payday loans, fell short of the FCA's financial promotion expectations. More »

13 May 2014
Welcome the new era of bank downsizing
Barclays' retreat from investment banking reduces systemic risk. More »

08 May 2014
Barclays to cut 19,000 jobs over three years
As part of a new strategy, the investment part of the bank will lose about 7,000 jobs by the end of 2016. More »

07 May 2014
Faith leaders need to find their voice on climate change
Religious institutions need to find their voice and set their moral compass on one of the great humanitarian issues of our time - Christiana Figueres. More »

01 May 2014
Vince Cable reveals golden ticket Royal Mail investors
16 priority investors were given preferential treatment in the Royal Mail sell-off and allocated 728m in shares. More »

30 Apr 2014
Europe's top court rejects UK challenge on financial trading tax
The tax would consist of a small charge on each stock, bond and derivative trade carried out in the 11 countries. More »

28 Apr 2014
RBS plans incentive pay to make up for bonus loss
Taxpayer-owned RBS is at the bottom of the banking pay league and feels it is being singled out for unfair treatment. More »

24 Apr 2014
Barclays defends bank bonuses amid AGM protests
Tax campaigners, development charities and small shareholders are all venting their anger over Barclays at its AGM today - live coverage. More »

22 Apr 2014
Can you put a price on the beauty of the natural world?
Those who reduce nature to a column of figures play to an agenda that ignores its inherent value - and seeks to destroy it. Piece by George Monbiot. More »

16 Apr 2014
Hunger is a 'national crisis', religious leaders tell Cameron
Religious leaders and faith groups ask David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg to tackle the causes of food poverty. More »

15 Apr 2014
High-Frequency Traders Get Curbs as EU Reins In Flash Boys
European Union lawmakers are poised to approve some of the toughest restrictions in the world on high-frequency trading. More »

15 Apr 2014
What is St Ethelburga's City Forum?
Amrita Bhohi, Project Co-Ordinator for the new City Forum initiative at St Ethelburga's, talks about the formation and plans for this forward-looking project. More »

15 Apr 2014
Lawsuit claims CME gave high-frequency traders special access
A group of traders has accused the operator of the world's largest derivatives exchange of selling market data to high frequency traders, cheating other investors who lacked such access. More »

14 Apr 2014
IPCC climate change report: averting catastrophe is eminently affordable
Landmark UN analysis concludes global roll-out of clean energy would shave only a tiny fraction off economic growth. More »

14 Apr 2014
Almost 4m families 'on financial knife-edge', says Shelter
Survey shows some 3.8 million families have only enough money to pay their rent or mortgage for a month if they lose their jobs. More »

02 Apr 2014
On A 'Rigged' Wall Street, Milliseconds Make All The Difference
Michael Lewis on his new book 'Flash Boys' about the form of computerized transactions known as high-frequency trading. More »

01 Apr 2014
Royal Mail float: How banks broke promises and raked in a 323m fortune
We knew taxpayers were short-changed. Now the full scale of the City's double-dealing has been revealed. So why can't the offending firms be named? More »

31 Mar 2014
Investment Banking Conflicts of Interest Probed by U.K. FCA
Regulator will review how investment banks manage conflicts of interest between their obligations to clients and their own trading positions. More »

31 Mar 2014
Think the new climate report is scary? The food-pocalypse is already upon us
Make no mistake: the greatest single strain on our food supply will be our changing weather. More »

25 Mar 2014
Government rejects calls to ban payday loan ads on children's TV
The FCA has said that it is focused on keeping adverts "clean, fair and not misleading." More »

20 Mar 2014
Europe reaches deal to complete banking union
The banking union is intended to restore banks' confidence in one another and boost lending across the currency bloc. More »

19 Mar 2014
The truth is out: money is just an IOU, and the banks are rolling in it
The Bank of England's dose of honesty throws the theoretical basis for austerity out the window - David Graeber. More »

17 Mar 2014
Britain's five richest families worth as much as poorest 20 per cent, says Oxfam
The handful of billionaires have amassed a combined wealth of 28.2bn, more than the poorest 12.6 million people in Britain, according to Oxfam. More »

13 Mar 2014
UK has a payday loan shop for every seven banks and building societies
Research shows high-cost lending shops are booming, with almost 1,500 across UK, as banks close branches. More »

27 Feb 2014
Debt charity reports big rise in payday loan problems
A leading debt advice charity says it has seen an 82% increase in the number of clients with payday loan problems. More »

24 Feb 2014
Bank of England governor Mark Carney wants to make banks pay their own way
The governor of the Bank of England has told the world's biggest banks to stop complaining about proposed new capital requirements, saying they've had it too easy for too long. More »

21 Feb 2014
Bishops blame David Cameron for food bank crisis
Benefit system failings under fire from Church leaders who claim PM's policies are 'responsible for half of food aid cases'. More »

20 Feb 2014
A Dialogue on Finance and the Common Good - Conference Papers
Papers from the international consultative meeting held at the Vatican in September 2013. Topic of discussion was: "Debt Crisis, Financial Reform and Common Good". More »

19 Feb 2014
Stress hormones in financial traders may trigger 'risk aversion' and contribute to market crises
New study's findings overturn theory of personal risk preference as a 'stable trait', and show that real source of instability in risk behaviour "lurks deep in the physiology of traders and investors". More »

18 Feb 2014
SFO charges three ex-Barclays bankers over Libor
The Serious Fraud Office (SFO) said it has charged Peter Charles Johnson, Jonathan James Mathew and Stylianos Contogoulas with conspiracy to defraud between June 2005 and August 2007. More »

16 Feb 2014
Banker bonuses should be deferred says Carney
Governor of the Bank of England tells Andrew Marr bank bonuses should be deferred for a "very long time" to ensure bad practice is not rewarded. More »

10 Feb 2014
New banking watchdog to be headed by outsider
Sir Richard Lambert is to fire the starting pistol on the search for an independent head of a new body to police bankers' standards. More »

10 Feb 2014
Being Good Stewards: Church Investors and Corporate Engagement
Latest report from the Church Investors Group, detailing how investors conduct engagement with businesses and further examples of CIG members' work in this area. More »

10 Feb 2014
Thousands of Barclays customers' data 'stolen and sold to on rogue traders'
Police investigation launched after a whistleblower claims personal data for 'tens of thousands' of customers were leaked to investment scam brokers. More »

07 Feb 2014
No fall in Barclays bonuses
Robert Peston on the current state of bonuses in the financial sector here in the UK. More »

27 Jan 2014
Justin Welby calls for fundamental reform of World Bank and IMF
Archbishop says bodies set up to ease crises have become 'police officers' and insists their power 'has to be constrained'. More »

21 Jan 2014
Davos 2014: World Economic Forum live blog
Financial and political leaders gather today in the Swiss ski resort of Davos to discuss prospects for the world economy. More »

20 Jan 2014
'Working for the Few': top new report on the links between politics and inequality
As World Economic Forum starts in Davos, development charity claims that growing inequality has been driven by a 'power grab' by wealthy elites. More »

17 Jan 2014
Ed Miliband urges bank branch sell-off to tackle 'broken' market
The UK's five largest banks are too powerful and should be forced to give up "significant" numbers of branches, Labour leader Ed Miliband has said. More »

17 Jan 2014
Sir Hector Sants to Chair Archbishop's Task Group on Credit Unions
The Task Group will develop the Church of England's on-going support for local credit unions while working with the wider financial sector. More »

16 Jan 2014
The Wolf of Wall Street: 'Not sure if view of bankers can sink any lower'
Bankers invited by Guardian to watch film find it to be a parody while women among them say sector's macho culture persists. More »

15 Jan 2014
Barclays traders said to face U.K. Libor interviews
The Serious Fraud Office is preparing to prosecute more people in the case after U.S. authorities charged three former Rabobank traders this week. More »

15 Jan 2014
Senior bankers hit back at Miliband's bank shake-up plans
Labour sources denied reports that Miliband will propose a 25% cap on market share, but refused to say what limit he might suggest. More »

14 Jan 2014
New London finance jobs rise for first time since early 2012
The number of new financial services jobs in London rose for the first time in almost two years last month, research showed on Monday. More »

14 Jan 2014
City bonus hopes rise amid deals bonanza from rice to whiskey
Hopes for a return of the big corporate takeover - and associated bonuses for bankers - were sparked yesterday by a clutch of deals in the US and UK. More »

13 Jan 2014
Banks Get a Break on Leverage-Ratio Rules
World banking regulators said Sunday they would soften the terms of a rule meant to ensure banks' soundness, bowing to pressure from banks that had argued it would stifle their lending to the economy. More »

20 Dec 2013
Charity is a fine thing, but it can't justify the wealth of the 1%
Polly Toynbee - "The rich pretend the option is the status quo or outright communism. But giving is no excuse for gross inequality". More »

20 Dec 2013
Ban payday loans adverts on children's TV, MPs urge
Business, Innovation and Skills Committee told youngsters are at risk of being 'groomed' by short term lenders. More »

17 Dec 2013
The gross distortions of GDP
Are we doomed to live in a commercial society distorted by a concept which leaves out so much that really matters? More »

16 Dec 2013
Lloyd's of London appoints Inga Beale as first female CEO
The Lloyd's of London, the 325-year-old insurance market, has appointed its first ever female chief executive. More »

16 Dec 2013
Vodafone, target of protesters, endorses tax transparency
The telecoms company targeted by protesters at the start of the public backlash against tax avoidance has said businesses must open up their affairs to more public scrutiny. More »

11 Dec 2013
Archbishop of Canterbury summons Big Six energy bosses to discuss price rises and fuel poverty
The Most Rev Justin Welby said he understood why people felt above-inflation price rises were "inexplicable" and called on the companies to act with "generosity". More »

11 Dec 2013
Lloyds Banking Group fined record 28m in new mis-selling scandal
Staff were put under pressure to get 'a grand in your hand' and 'champagne bonuses' or face demotion, FCA says. More »

04 Dec 2013
Join the Anglican Alliance call to end world hunger
The Anglican Alliance are calling on the world's top 20 richest nations to put food security at the top of their agenda and end hunger for almost one billion people around the world. More »

04 Dec 2013
Banks braced for rate-fixing fines - live updates
The European Union is putting the finishing touches to big fines and charges involving as many as 10 leading financial institutions. Each company is accused of conspiring to fix the rates at which banks would lend to each other. More »

28 Nov 2013
Royal Mail Shares: Goldman Sachs sets 610p target price despite 330p IPO advice
Critics of Royal Mail's IPO have attacked the government and its two "global co-ordinators" Goldman Sachs and UBS for undervaluing the communications firm. More »

27 Nov 2013
God and the Moneylenders: Faith and the battle against exploitative lending
Latest report from the Contextual Theology Centre. More »

21 Nov 2013
Orthodox economists have failed their own market test
Students are demanding alternatives to a free-market dogma with a disastrous record. That's something we all need. - Seamus Milne More »

19 Nov 2013
Swiss outrage over executive pay sparks a movement in Europe
On Nov. 24, the Swiss will vote in a referendum on whether to enshrine the 1:12 pay ratio - in their national constitution, no less. More »

19 Nov 2013
Co-op Group plans overhaul after allegations about chairman
Management orders review into 'any inappropriate behaviour' after allegations Paul Flowers bought cocaine and crystal meth. More »

18 Nov 2013
U.K. bank whistle-blowers increase as regulator scrutiny grows
The FCA received 4,718 complaints on its whistle-blower hotline in the 12-month period ending Aug. 31, according to London-based law firm RPC LLP. More »

13 Nov 2013
Fresh wave of banking scandals could hit RBS, warns UKFI boss
Chairman of firm responsible for taxpayers' stake in Lloyds and Royal Bank of Scotland says RBS could face further fines from regulators over sales linked to the US sub-prime mortgage crisis. More »

12 Nov 2013
It's business that really rules us now
George Monbiot - Lobbying is the least of it: corporate interests have captured the entire democratic process. No wonder so many have given up on politics. More »

11 Nov 2013
Quakers to disinvest from fossil fuels
Quakers in Britain have taken steps (8th Oct) to disinvest from companies engaged in extracting fossil fuels. More »

11 Nov 2013
Co-op boss Euan Sutherland: We have lost our way - but we need investors' help
Chief Executive of Co-Operative Group discusses recent events and changes in the company. More »

06 Nov 2013
Russell Brand: we deserve more from our democratic system
Following his appearance on Newsnight, the comedian explains why he believes there are alternatives to our current regime. More »

01 Nov 2013
[Vacancy] Ethical Money Churches Development Officer
ECCR is looking to appoint an Ethical Money Churches Development Officer (p/time - 24 hours/week) - 3 year contract. Salary: 13,800/annum (23,000/annum full-time equivalent). More »

01 Nov 2013
How economic growth has become anti-life - Vandana Shiva
An obsession with growth has eclipsed our concern for sustainability, justice and human dignity. But people are not disposable - the value of life lies outside economic development. More »

30 Oct 2013
Barclays drawn into foreign exchange scandal
Barclays has become the latest bank to reveal that it is being investigated over attempts by its traders to manipulate the $4 trillion-a-day foreign exchange markets. More »

29 Oct 2013
The 2013 Legatum Prosperity Index
Annual ranking, developed by the Legatum Institute, based on their chosen factors including wealth, economic growth and quality of life. More »

28 Oct 2013
[Report] Banking, Finance and Income Inequality
The wealth gap has increased continuously over the last thirty years. Many factors contribute to this growing gap, but one of the most significant is least understood: the role of money creation by banks. More »

28 Oct 2013
Why CEO pay keeps going up
In 1965, C.E.O.s earned, on average, about twenty times as much as their typical employee. These days, C.E.O.s earn about two hundred and seventy times as much. More »

28 Oct 2013
Archbishop's speech to the Blueprint for Better Business conference
Speaking to business and faith leaders, the Archbishop said any society that wants to call itself ethical in its finances 'has to find a way in which it values human beings and cares for them right across the board...' More »

28 Oct 2013
Mainstream economics is in denial: the world has changed
Despite the crash, the high priests of economics refuse to look at the big picture - and continue to prop up world elites. More »

27 Oct 2013
Energy companies' reasons for price hikes cast into doubt
Official figures cast doubt on claims by the UK's biggest energy firms that rising wholesale costs are to blame for their inflation-busting price hikes. More »

27 Oct 2013
Women progress in City MD roles
The number of women in managing director roles has doubled in the past year, according to research from a financial services recruiter. More »

22 Oct 2013
22 under investigation in Libor Case in Britain
British prosecutors have identified 22 individuals at various banks as potential co-conspirators in a wide-ranging inquiry into the manipulation of a global benchmark interest rate. More »

21 Oct 2013
JPMorgan agrees $13bn settlement with US Justice Department
America's biggest bank has reached a $13bn deal with US regulators to settle claims that it mis-sold bundles of toxic mortgage debt to investors. More »

21 Oct 2013
EU watchdog sets out tougher rules for planned bank tests
Europe's top banking regulator has set out tougher rules for its forthcoming tests on the finances of top lenders, potentially paving the way for further multi-billion euro fundraising measures by banks deemed shaky. More »

21 Oct 2013
Economic growth is not enough to make Britain healthy, says Archbishop of Canterbury
The Most Rev Justin Welby says Britain needs to be a more caring society on top of economic success and energy firms need to 'fully justify' price rises. More »

18 Oct 2013
Barclays executives knew of Libor lowballing, Guardian claims
Current and former executives knew that the bank submitted lower-than-accurate Libor rates as early as 2007, according to transcripts of conversations between executives cited in a U.K. court case. More »

17 Oct 2013
Your Faith Your Finance: A guide to money, faith and ethics
New website launched by the Ecumenical Council for Corporate Responsibility (ECCR) and Quaker Peace & Social Witness (QPSW). More »

15 Oct 2013
Barclays' Hector Sants takes leave due to stress
Former head of the UK's financial regulator and now a top executive at Barclays, is taking three months' leave of absence because of "exhaustion and stress". More »

15 Oct 2013
Payday loans charter demands new rules for lenders
MPs, debt campaigners and consumer groups call for government to get tough on lenders charging excessive rates. More »

15 Oct 2013
UK banking reforms leave London exposed - banking commission
Andrew Tyrie, the chairman of a government-appointed banking commission, said he was concerned that the government was ignoring important elements of his blueprint for reform. More »

14 Oct 2013
Climate Change and Church Investors: Framing the Debate
The CIG have commissioned research to help church investors think through climate change and how it effects them. More »

10 Oct 2013
RBS handed FX trader messages to UK regulator
Investigations into the $5 trillion-a-day market have broadened with authorities looking into whether traders at banks sought to manipulate benchmark foreign currency rates. More »

07 Oct 2013
U.K. Finance most upbeat since 1996 as employment jumps
Optimism in the U.K.'s financial industry reached a 17-year high in the third quarter as lenders, insurers and brokers hired staff at the fastest rate in six years. More »

06 Oct 2013
Moritz Erhardt: the tragic death of a City intern
Moritz Erhardt's parents talk about how they had feared for their son - and why the British government must prevent another such tragedy. More »

03 Oct 2013
Payday lenders face tough new rules
Tougher rules for payday lenders were unveiled on Thursday by the Financial Conduct Authority with curbs on advertising and restrictions on taking money from accounts. More »

01 Oct 2013
The 10 best quotes from financial insiders
As the banking blog comes to an end, here are some choice quotes that epitomise the series from people interviewed in the finance sector. More »

01 Oct 2013
JPMorgan's Biggest Mistake
In the end, what have we learned from JPMorgan Chase & Co's $7.1 billion "London Whale" trading debacle? More »

26 Sep 2013
Why is the Treasury defending big bankers' bonuses?
One important cause of the great 2007-08 banking crisis was that bankers had been given incentives, in the form of enormous cash bonuses, to take dangerous risks to boost their firms' profits. More »

25 Sep 2013
Libor: Icap fined 55m as ex-staff face criminal charges
Financial firm run by former Conservative treasurer Michael Spencer given stiff penalty as three ex-employees charged. More »

24 Sep 2013
FTSE 100 bosses 'see pay reined in as bonuses fall'
Bosses at the UK's biggest firms are seeing bonuses reined in ahead of new rules that require shareholder approval for pay policies, research suggests. More »

23 Sep 2013
Barclays reviews overdraft fees in bid to break from 'sins of the past'
Barclays is launching an unprecedented review of the overdraft fees and charges faced by nearly 12 million of its current account customers. More »

20 Sep 2013
UK government should stand up to companies that underpay tax - report
MPs' committee finds Treasury and Cabinet Office are failing to get best value for taxpayers in dealings with firms. More »

19 Sep 2013
JPMorgan Said to Pay $900 Million to Settle Whale Probes
The bank is set to announce deals today with four regulators over its handling of the trades by an employee known as the London Whale. More »

19 Sep 2013
50,000 people now facing eviction over bedroom tax
One council tenant in three has been pushed into rent arrears since April, while tens of thousands in housing association properties are also affected. More »

13 Sep 2013
Lehman Brothers collapse, five years on: 'We had almost no control'
In the first part of a major series recalling the defining moment of the credit crunch, leading figures recall the shattering impact of the bank's collapse on the British financial sector. More »

12 Sep 2013
Watch live: Mark Carney faces Treasury Select Committee
Bank of England Governor Mark Carney and other members of the Bank's Monetary Policy Committee face questions from the Treasury Select Committee from 10:00am. More »

12 Sep 2013
Harvard Business School finally cares about inequality. What will they do about it?
There has always been a divide between the haves and the have nots, but it's never been this extreme - on campus or in the world. More »

11 Sep 2013
Here's how a 'good' bank could operate
The near-bankruptcy of the Co-op bank is an awful warning of what can go wrong - Andreas Whittam Smith. More »

10 Sep 2013
Confidence in banks at lowest level for 30 years
Banks were the best regarded UK institutions - now just 19 per cent believe they are well run. More »

09 Sep 2013
One of the giants: Ronald Coase dies at age 102
Ronald Coase, the economist who explained why firms exist, died on September 2nd, aged 102. More »

09 Sep 2013
UK watchdog to study cash savings market
FCA has begun studying competition in the trillion-pound cash savings market to see if customers are getting a fair deal. More »

06 Sep 2013
Whose recovery is this? That's the great general election question
If competition over living standards for low and middle earners does become the next battleground, that's cause for celebration. More »

05 Sep 2013
Former Co-op Bank chief executive in clash with watchdog
MPs point the finger at Neville Richardson as he denies Britannia merger caused woes. More »

05 Sep 2013
2.4bn universal credit project riddled with problems
34m wasted on failed IT programmes and Labour says report proves cover up of issues that put welfare claimants at risk. More »

04 Sep 2013
UK banks start payouts for mis-selling rate swaps
Britain's banks have paid out 500,000 pounds to compensate companies for mis-sold interest rate swaps and the figure is set to rise rapidly in coming months. More »

04 Sep 2013
City of London: UK exit from EU would risk bank exodus
The Lord Mayor of London told Reuters a possible British exit was a significant threat to London that would go against 2,000 years of trading history. More »

04 Sep 2013
20% of Workers Earn 'Below Living Wage'
A report suggests a growing number of British people are receiving less cash than they need to meet rising living costs. More »

03 Sep 2013
PPI scandal fuels record ombudsman complaints
Financial Ombudsman Service took on 327,000 new complaints in the first six months of the year, with the Bank of Scotland the most complained about bank. More »

02 Sep 2013
America's New Pastime: JPMorgan Investigations
Hardly a week goes by without a new report about a government investigation of JPMorgan Chase & Co. and how much money the bank might have to pay because of some alleged violation of the law. More »

02 Sep 2013
Author nails Fred Goodwin's colours to the past of RBS
If Fred Goodwin had obsessed about credit risk as much as he did about filing cabinets and carpets, the Royal Bank of Scotland may not have imploded so spectacularly, a new book has claimed. More »

15 Aug 2013
U.S. charges two ex-JPMorgan bankers over 'London Whale' loss
U.S. prosecutors brought criminal charges on Wednesday against two former JPMorgan Chase & Co employees in the trading scandal that cost the bank $6.2 billion last year. More »

14 Aug 2013
Is the banking system too big?
Despite shrinking their balance sheets by €2.9tn, eurozone banks are still more than three times the size of the bloc. More »

12 Aug 2013
Top financial firms face EU gender quotas for their boards
City financial firms will be forced to set targets for the number of men and women holding roles within their management bodies from January onwards. More »

09 Aug 2013
JPMorgan nears settlement with SEC on London Whale loss
While JPMorgan is prepared to say it erred in how it oversaw a unit and London-based traders, executives aren't likely to admit mistakes beyond what they already disclosed... More »

07 Aug 2013
If only the Archbishops ran our banks (letter)
I know I was not alone in concluding how much better off we would be if these two very impressive Archbishops were running our banks... More »

07 Aug 2013
Bank of England ties interest rates to unemployment
Governor Mark Carney says no rate rises until jobless rate falls to 7%. (Live updates) More »

07 Aug 2013
Church of England's Ethical Investment Advisory Group - Annual Report 2012/13
Annual review for April 2012-March 2013 giving an overview of engagement and policy initiatives. More »

06 Aug 2013
Cable warns of exploitation of zero-hours contracts
The Business Secretary Vince Cable fears zero-hours contracts are being abused after research suggested a million people could be working under them. More »

05 Aug 2013
How Britain leads the world in social-good capitalism
Philanthropy is changing and Britain is leading the charge. More »

05 Aug 2013
Payday loan victims urged to fight back
Most borrowers would have grounds to take their complaint to the ombudsman, says the Citizens Advice Bureau. More »

30 Jul 2013
Barclays seeks 5.8 billion from shareholders to appease regulator
The Bank of England's Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) said on Tuesday Barclays needed an extra 12.8 billion pounds of capital. More »

26 Jul 2013
Archbishop of Canterbury embarrassed about church's financial link to Wonga
Justin Welby 'irritated' to discover Church of England holds indirect 75,000 stake in payday lender he singled out for criticism. More »

25 Jul 2013
Archbishop of Canterbury wants to 'compete' Wonga out of existence
Justin Welby lays down challenge to payday lender after launching new credit union earlier this month. More »

24 Jul 2013
RBS fined 5.6m by City watchdog
Taxpayer-backed bank failed to properly report almost 45 million deals on wholesale money markets. More »

23 Jul 2013
Payday loan website adverts 'banned in Plymouth'
Adverts for payday loan websites are to be banned on billboards and bus shelters in Plymouth, and access to them prevented on computers owned by the city council. More »

22 Jul 2013
G20 backs fundamental reform of corporate taxation
The G20 backed a "fundamental" rethink of the rules on taxing multinational corporations, taking aim at loopholes used by companies to avoid billions of dollars in taxes. More »

22 Jul 2013
Archbishop of Canterbury warns of 'lynch mob' against bankers
The naming and shaming of individual bankers following the financial crisis has been described as "lynch mobbish" by the Archbishop of Canterbury. More »

15 Jul 2013
Benefits cap encourages job seekers, claims government
The cap, on the total amount of benefits that people aged 16 to 64 can receive, has begun rolling out across England, Scotland and Wales. More »

10 Jul 2013
NYSE opens new front in London with oversight of Libor
NYSE vows to restore confidence to the benchmark amid a rigging scandal that has generated $2.5 billion in fines. More »

10 Jul 2013
Ratings agency upgrades UK banking sector outlook
Credit ratings agency Moody's has upgraded its outlook for the UK banking industry to stable from negative. More »

10 Jul 2013
EU unveils plans to wind down failed banks
The European Commission has outlined plans for a single authority that will be responsible for winding down eurozone banks that get into trouble. More »

09 Jul 2013
Welby reignites row with Government over 'benefits scroungers'
Archbishop of Canterbury suggests ministers use "completely unfair and untrue" language to describe Britain's poor. More »

03 Jul 2013
BoE regulator moves to address concerns over bank lobbying
A top Bank of England official has agreed to draw up "ground rules" for lobbying and insisted the regulator will press ahead with tougher leverage requirements despite banks' complaints to government. More »

28 Jun 2013
Church of England Joins Bidders for RBS Branches
The Church of England's endowment fund, the Church Commissioners, has joined a consortium bidding for a batch of around 315 bank branches that RBS is selling. More »

26 Jun 2013
Mervyn King: Banks lobbying at highest level against regulator's demands
Banks are putting "tremendous pressure" on politicians and senior officials to water down demands to shore up their balance sheets, the Governor of the Bank of England revealed, warning that the lobbying must stop. More »

26 Jun 2013
British business needs to start talking to the public once more
"UK Plc's obsession with negotiating in private is bad for its own reputation, as well as short-sighted, ineffective and ultimately detrimental to shareholders and the national interest." More »

26 Jun 2013
In bold move, Pope names commission to review Vatican bank
Pope Francis on Wednesday set up a special commission of inquiry into the Vatican bank, his boldest move yet to get to grips with an institution that has embarrassed the Church for decades. More »

25 Jun 2013
Tax protest to turn HSBC branches into food banks
Tax campaigners plan to stage protests against government cuts in HSBC branches next month, after singling out the bank for its large numbers of subsidiaries in low-tax jurisdictions. More »

24 Jun 2013
Barclays to sell customer data
Bank tells 13 million customers it is to start selling information on their spending habits to other companies. More »

24 Jun 2013
Co-operatives' turnover soars to 37bn as record 15m join
Co-operative businesses have reached an all-time high with a record 15.4 million members, an increase of 36 per cent since 2008. More »

24 Jun 2013
Starbucks pays UK corporation tax for first time since 2009
Coffee giant Starbucks has paid 5m in UK corporation tax - its first such tax payment since 2009 - the company has announced. More »

21 Jun 2013
Banking salaries 'will rise to offset EU bonus cap'
HR teams in more than half of banks are predicting an increase in fixed pay to offset the bonus cap planned by the European Union. More »

19 Jun 2013
Banking Commission publishes report on changing banking for good
The Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards today publishes its Final Report - 'Changing banking for good'. More »

13 Jun 2013
Listen to Archbishop Justin Welby on Good Banks
Full audio of the keynote speech from the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, at our Good Banks event last night. More »

12 Jun 2013
Wage cuts for British workers deepest since records began, IFS shows
Thinktank says employees have sacrificed pay to keep their jobs during the 'longest and deepest' slump in a century. More »

06 Jun 2013
Archbishop of Canterbury to address social purpose of banking at sold out event
St Paul's Institute, alongside CCLA, presents the third and final public debate under the dome of St Paul's chaired by BBC Economics Editor, Stephanie Flanders. More »

30 May 2013
Big IF London line-up announced
Details of the Big IF London, a huge public rally taking place in London's Hyde Park on Saturday 8 June, have been announced. More »

29 May 2013
PPI: just one in 10 has made compensation claim
Only a tenth of PPI policies sold have resulted in complaints, the ombudsman has said, meaning that millions of customers could still stake compensation claims. More »

21 May 2013
Multinational CEOs tell David Cameron to rein in tax avoidance rhetoric
Burberry, Tesco, Vodafone and BAE Systems join CBI chief in lobbying PM to stop moralising on tax ahead of G8 talks. More »

14 May 2013
UK plunges down economic wellbeing league
According to a new report that underlines the pressure on Britons' finances amid rising unemployment. More »

14 May 2013
UK and EU: Better off out or in?
A summary of the key arguments for and against British membership in the EU. More »

11 May 2013
Bishop of London on bankers, Occupy and Justin Welby
The essence of his theme is 'restraint and awareness... respect for the proportionate and the limited'. More »

09 May 2013
World's first green bank loans $1bn in first months of operation
Britain's Green Investment Bank (GIB) is the world's first bank solely focused on lending to clean energy projects. More »

03 May 2013
Tax havens agree to more transparency
Britain's Overseas Territories have bowed to pressure for greater tax transparency, in a move the government has hailed as "a turning point". More »

01 May 2013
May Day protests and Greek strikes - Eurozone crisis live
Anti-austerity demonstrations expected as Europe's annual May Day holiday is marked with a strike in Greece, and rallies in major cities. More »

29 Apr 2013
'Culture of entitlement' infects City of London, says Archbishop
Parts of the City of London have been infected by "a culture of entitlement" Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury, argued on Saturday. More »

26 Apr 2013
Ban 'insider' tax accountants from government - MPs
A ban on external accountants working inside government, to stop them telling clients about tax loopholes they have found, has been urged by MPs. More »

25 Apr 2013
Barclays shareholders hit at pay levels
Barclays was attacked by a string of individual shareholders at its annual meeting on Thursday, with much of the focus of investor ire directed at the generous pay levels. More »

23 Apr 2013
Archbishop of Canterbury calls for introduction of regional banks
Justin Welby warns of prolonged economic crisis days before expected release of gloomy GDP data. More »

22 Apr 2013
Google boss defends UK tax record to BBC
Google's executive chairman, Eric Schmidt, has defended his company paying just 6m in UK corporation tax. More »

19 Apr 2013
Church investors urged to challenge 'vastly unequal' bonuses
A new policy published by the Church's Ethical Advisory Group (EIAG), states that excessive bonuses should be challenged by the national investing bodies of the Church of England. More »

18 Apr 2013
Rich Ricci out at Barclays amid shake-up
Rich Ricci has been ousted from his position as head of Barclays' investment bank as part of a shake-up by new chief executive Antony Jenkins. More »

18 Apr 2013
Eurozone woes push climate reform to backseat
European commitment to climate reform policies questioned amidst economic woes. More »

17 Apr 2013
Business must value 'Good People'
CIMA teamed with the St Paul's Institute and CIPD to explore the causes responsible for the worrying disconnect between what is considered to be ethical behaviour and the pressures imposed upon the business world to perform. More »

16 Apr 2013
Next chief executive donates 2.4m bonus to staff
Lord Wolfson, the chief executive of Next, has waived a 2.4m bonus and instead awarded it to the clothing retailer's staff. More »

15 Apr 2013
Human rights: we won't be silent
Nick Clegg on why Britain must not step back from its historical commitment to human rights for the sake of commercial expediency. More »

09 Apr 2013
FCA launches probe into RBS glitches
RBS is facing a formal investigation that could result in huge fines for its catastrophic IT failure last summer that left 17m customers without access to their accounts. More »

04 Apr 2013
Barclays' Salz Review blames bank culture
A report into Barclays bank has blamed "cultural shortcomings" at the bank for problems that led to the Libor-rigging scandal last year. More »

02 Apr 2013
Iain Duncan Smith urged to 'live on 53'
Work and pensions secretary has been challenged to fulfil his claim that he could live on 53 a week in benefits. More »

26 Mar 2013
St Paul's employees guaranteed a Living Wage
The increased cost of living has been recognised by St Paul's, as the Cathedral has now been accredited a Living Wage employer. More »

22 Mar 2013
Vince Cable outlines plans for Business Bank
Plans for a state bank that will bring a "one stop shop" to help credit starved small businesses secure finance and address an over-reliance on high street banks. More »

14 Mar 2013
Banks give capitalism a bad name, IoD chief complains
Simon Walker says 'rewards for failure' and 1m salaries undermine public faith. More »

04 Mar 2013
Devil is in the details as Swiss vote to curb CEO pay
The Swiss government must figure out how to translate some of the world's toughest rules on executive pay into national law. More »

01 Mar 2013
Lloyds mis-selling bill climbs to 7bn
A fresh bill of almost 2bn for mis-selling scandals has left Lloyds Banking Group nursing a 570m pre-tax loss for 2012. More »

28 Feb 2013
EU secures deal to cap bankers' bonuses
Bankers' bonuses are to be capped at two times salary and banks will be subject to a strict transparency regime under a provisional EU deal. More »

27 Feb 2013
Three City workers arrested in FSA insider trading investigation
Financial Services Authority and police carry out co-ordinated raids on homes and offices of unidentified finance professionals. More »

25 Feb 2013
BBA approves Libor handover
Britain's main bank lobby group said members had approved handing over the running of Libor interest rates to a new operator. More »

19 Feb 2013
Andrew Bailey appointed boss of the new bank regulator
Andrew Bailey has been appointed as chief executive of the new Prudential Regulatory Authority and will become deputy governor of the Bank of England. More »

19 Feb 2013
The educational charities that do PR for the rightwing ultra-rich
Billionaires control the political conversation by staying hidden and paying others to promote their brutal agendas, writes George Monbiot. More »

13 Feb 2013
Barclays' bankers: No longer the Wayne Rooneys of finance
Barclays CEO Jenkins is different. He has a vision of a more ethical and socially responsible bank, writes Louise Cooper. More »

11 Feb 2013
Radical new bid to clamp down on scandal in City
Code of conduct will hand more power to internal auditors in the fight against rogues. More »

08 Feb 2013
Barclays investment bank cutting jobs - source
Analysts expect Chief Executive Antony Jenkins to announce about 2,000 investment bank jobs have gone when he unveils a strategic plan on February 12. More »

07 Feb 2013
Libor-rigging scandal: RBS chairman answers your questions
Sir Philip Hampton, the chairman of Royal Bank of Scotland, will be answering your questions live from 12.30pm GMT (7th Feb) More »

06 Feb 2013
RBS investment chief John Hourican to resign and waive 4m bonus
Head of RBS investment banking arm is set to give up a bonus pot worth 4m as he resigns from the lender over its involvement in Libor-rigging. More »

06 Feb 2013
Churches stepping into void in recession Britain
The scale of Britain's reliance on churches to meet social needs is set out in a report showing more than half of Anglican parishes run services. More »

04 Feb 2013
Justin Welby: Ex-oil executive facing Church of England's 'impossible job'
The Bishop of Durham, the Right Reverend Justin Welby, will emerge from St Paul's Cathedral this morning as the spiritual leader of some 80 million Anglicans across the world. More »

31 Jan 2013
FSA reveals scale of new mis-selling scandal
Britain's biggest banks could be facing a bill running into billions of pounds for the latest mis-selling scandal to hit the industry. More »

29 Jan 2013
Libor lies revealed in rigging of $300 Trillion benchmark
The benchmark rate for more than $300 trillion of contracts was based on honesty. New evidence in banking's biggest scandal shows traders took it as a license to cheat. More »

28 Jan 2013
Accountant joins backlash against tax dodge attacks
One of the UK's top accountants has joined the business backlash against attacks on corporate tax avoidance by politicians. More »

22 Jan 2013
Corporate fraud values fall to eight-year low
The value of corporate fraud in the UK fell to 824 million in 2012, the lowest level since 2004, according to an annual survey by KPMG. More »

22 Jan 2013
Barclays staff lose plea for anonymity in LIBOR case
A High Court judge has rejected a request by 106 current and former employees of Barclays to remain anonymous before the first British damages claim trial over the manipulation of Libor. More »

22 Jan 2013
Former Lloyds boss apologises for mis-selling PPI
A former Lloyds Banking Group boss has apologised for the mis-selling of payment protection insurance to customers. More »

21 Jan 2013
Barclays Wealth division 'out of control', says secret report
Senior executive resigns following allegations he shredded a highly critical analysis of the maverick culture and bullying at the bank's Barclays Wealth business. More »

21 Jan 2013
Jobs bloodbath as red tape hits banks' growth
The financial services industry shed 25,000 jobs in the final three months of 2012 and will lose another 18,000 in the first quarter of this year. More »

17 Jan 2013
The west's crisis is one of democracy as much as finance
Zizek talks on how a distrust of democracy - once constrained to the third world or post-communist developing countries - is gaining ground in the developed west itself. More »

16 Jan 2013
Towards a fairer capitalism: let's burst the 1% bubble
Talk of a more moral capitalism is just hot air unless we rehabilitate and reward the idea of value creation. More »

15 Jan 2013
King hits out at tax-lowering bonus deferrals mulled by Goldman
Outgoing Bank of England governor Mervyn King has lamented as "depressing" that banks might defer bonuses to benefit from lower tax. More »

15 Jan 2013
JP Morgan must tighten risk controls, say US regulators
JP Morgan Chase, which lost billions of dollars in trades by an employee known as the London Whale, must revamp its risk management, regulators have said. More »

11 Jan 2013
U.K. banks must lean toward virtue, not vice
Archbishop elect Justin Welby discusses the findings of the Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards. More »

16 Dec 2012
Living wage for public servants moves a step closer
Cabinet Office and Ministry of Justice may follow DWP and back increasing low earners' pay by more than 2 an hour. More »

11 Dec 2012
HSBC to pay 1.2bn over US money-laundering accusations
Chief executive 'profoundly sorry' as bank prepares to pay record penalty over claims it moved money for drug lords. More »

07 Dec 2012
Doha UN climate talks to conclude with few conclusions
Developing countries say there is a lack of ambition among richer countries to cut greenhouse gases faster. More »

06 Dec 2012
Special Report: Amazon's billion-dollar tax shield
Amazon revealed last year that the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) wants $1.5 billion in back taxes. More »

04 Dec 2012
Which? says millions 'struggling' financially
Millions of households are struggling to make ends meet, consumer organisation Which? has claimed in a new report. More »

02 Dec 2012
Can Mark Carney save Britain's economy?
The Chancellor shocked the City when he revealed the next Governor of the Bank of England. The Sunday Telegraph reveals what drives Mark Carney. More »

02 Dec 2012
George Osborne takes on the tax avoiders
The Chancellor is to give tax teams more money to help them target firms who avoid paying tax in Britain. More »

30 Nov 2012
Greenland and Antarctica 'have lost four trillion tonnes of ice'
Study provides the best measure to date of the effect climate change is having on the earth's biggest ice sheets. More »

28 Nov 2012
Cable launches UK's 'Green Bank'
The UK's new Green Investment Bank has been officially launched in Edinburgh with 3bn of government money to invest. More »

28 Nov 2012
Only 3.5% referred to Work Programme find long-term jobs
None of welfare-to-work scheme's 18 contractors reached target of getting 5.5% of clients a job for at least six months. More »

26 Nov 2012
Barclays pressed to shed investment bank
Barclays has come under pressure from some of its largest shareholders to axe its investment bank as part of a radical restructuring. More »

26 Nov 2012
Euro debt crisis saps EU's ability to lead climate debate
Heavy industry lobby and those within the EU executive who echo its views have steadily chipped away at attempts to legislate against carbon. More »

22 Nov 2012
Bank of England's Mervyn King: Banks' culture changed
The head of the Bank of England has told MPs that the culture at the big investment banks has changed. More »

21 Nov 2012
Church of England bishops plot response to vote to exclude women
Laity plunges church into crisis with General Synod vote that rejected opening up episcopate to female clerics. More »

20 Nov 2012
Occupy Art
In the art world, the courtiers are revolting against the impact of marketisation. More »

19 Nov 2012
Vince Cable attacks corporate 'tax abuse'
Business Secretary has condemned corporate tax avoidance as "completely unacceptable", saying there are "appalling stories of abuse". More »

16 Nov 2012
UK Government doubtful of recovering 66bn bailout funds
UK legislators have been doubtful about recovering the money used for the bailout of banking giants RBS and Lloyds. More »

14 Nov 2012
Anti-austerity strikes sweep Europe
Millions of workers joined strikes across southern Europe to protest against spending cuts and tax hikes. More »

14 Nov 2012
New Archbishop of Canterbury takes RBS chief to task
Justin Welby, the incoming Archbishop of Canterbury, has upbraided Stephen Hester, the boss of Royal Bank of Scotland, for failing to explain the lender's "duty to society". More »

08 Nov 2012
Bank safety plans not enough, UK economy chief warns
The man in charge of Britain's financial stability has warned MPs that current plans to make banks safer don't go far enough. More »

07 Nov 2012
Boardroom pay survey shows persistent and large gender gap
Average female executive earns 10,060 a year less than her male equivalent and is awarded less than half his bonus, according to research. More »

06 Nov 2012
CIPD releases research on perception of corporate ethics
Two fifths of employees don't believe business values are worth the paper they are written on. More »

06 Nov 2012
Share incentive schemes boost top executives' earnings
Senior executives in the UK's biggest companies have seen their average earnings go up by more than a quarter in the past year. More »

05 Nov 2012
Boris Johnson and Ed Miliband speak on the Living Wage: live blog
Rolling coverage of the day's political events, including Boris Johnson and Ed Miliband speaking on the living wage. More »

01 Nov 2012
Lloyds hit by new 1bn PPI charge
PPI, a form of loan cover that used to be a money-spinner for high street banks, is still a growing problem for the industry. More »

01 Nov 2012
Barclays faces $470m energy fine from US regulators
Barclays has been threatened with fines of $470m (291m) by US regulators to settle accusations it sought to manipulate the California energy markets from 2006-2008. More »

30 Oct 2012
BOE's Haldane tells Occupy Libor furor prompted change
Haldane says Occupy helped prompt a "reformation of finance" that is in its early stages, and proposals to change banking may amount to the biggest change since the 1930s. More »

30 Oct 2012
UBS to cut 10,000 jobs
Swiss bank UBS said Tuesday it intends to slash 10,000 jobs as the firm pares back its investment banking arm. More »

26 Oct 2012
Nine more banks added to Libor probe
Nine of the world's biggest banks are facing increased scrutiny from US state prosecutors probing alleged attempts to manipulate the lending gauge known as Libor. More »

23 Oct 2012
FSA warned on RBS 'shadow directorships'
Recent interventions by the FSA on RBS's strategy could flout strict rules on shadow directorships, City investors warn. More »

23 Oct 2012
UK wellbeing still below financial crisis levels
Government data shows that decline in living standards has been more pronounced and longer lasting than in the UK's two previous recessions. More »

16 Oct 2012
Number of UK poor receiving emergency food aid doubles
Figures from Trussell Trust, which operates food banks, show 110,000 were referred for help between April and September. More »

15 Oct 2012
Sermon on Anniversary of Occupy London (inc. protest action)
Video of the readings, prayers, protest and sermon from the Evensong Service at St Paul's Cathedral on Sunday 14th October. More »

11 Oct 2012
Facebook: The antisocial network branded 'disingenuous and immoral'
Company pays only 238,000 in corporation tax on UK earnings of up to 175m. More »

11 Oct 2012
So what's the legacy of Occupy London?
The tents may be long gone, but Toby Green asks whether the protest had any lasting effect on attitudes ahead of the one-year anniversary. More »

10 Oct 2012
David Cameron's speech at Conservative conference: Live Blog
Rolling coverage of the Conservative party conference, including David Cameron's speech. More »

08 Oct 2012
George Osborne: austerity may last until 2018
Chancellor outlines plans for fresh round of 10bn of welfare cuts, saying economy is 'healing' more slowly than expected. More »

05 Oct 2012
How workers across UK become 'companies' to cut tax rate to 20%'
The BBC was under fire today for employing 4,000 presenters and backroom employees as 'companies' - an arrangement that can dramatically cut tax bills. More »

04 Oct 2012
UK economy in deep crisis, Vince Cable says
Business Secretary Vince Cable has told the BBC, refusing to be drawn on when growth would resume. More »

04 Oct 2012
Quarter of board members 'would pay bribes'
A quarter of board members of UK companies would consider paying a bribe to win business, despite wide-ranging anti-graft laws that came into force more than a year ago. More »

02 Oct 2012
RBS boss Hester calls for culture change
Britain's biggest banking giants have abandoned their customers, acted 'selfishly' and urgently need to change, the chief executive of Royal Bank of Scotland said last night. More »

02 Oct 2012
JP Morgan sued over Bear Stearns mortgage securities
The New York Attorney General has sued JP Morgan Chase for allegedly defrauding investors who lost more than $20bn (12bn) on mortgage-backed securities. More »

02 Oct 2012
Four charged in alleged 3m insider dealing case
First cases to result from the largest ever UK operation against criminal market abuse. More »

28 Sep 2012
Libor riggers should be jailed, says FSA regulator
Martin Wheatley promises to repair the 'broken' rate setting system through tougher regulation. More »

27 Sep 2012
US regulator calls for faster Libor reform
The top US regulator overseeing the derivatives market has questioned the accuracy of a benchmark interest rate and has argued for quicker reforms. More »

27 Sep 2012
Banks Must Come Clean on Assets, Says BOE
Uncertainty about the value of bank assets is hindering lenders' ability to raise capital, the Bank of England said Thursday. More »

27 Sep 2012
PPI complaints soar to 2.2 million
Payment protection insurance (PPI) complaints to financial services firms more than doubled in the first half of this year to reach a new high of over 2.2 million. More »

21 Sep 2012
Tory treasurer wants UK to become more like a tax haven
Lord Fink calls for tax law changes as Guardian reveals 68 MPs and peers are directors of firms linked to offshore jurisdictions. More »

18 Sep 2012
Banks must be more prepared to help the bankrupt, says Co-op boss
Co-operative's managing director blames rival banks' unwillingness to offer basic accounts as reason for withdrawing his own. More »

17 Sep 2012
Business leaders turn to Catholic Church
Five years on from the start of the financial crisis executives are concerned that little progress has been made to restore public trust. More »

13 Sep 2012
UBS looks to put cap on banker bonuses
UBS is looking at capping bankers' bonuses as the Swiss bank joins its European peers in cracking down on remuneration schemes following regulatory and investor pressure. More »

13 Sep 2012
Whistle-Blower Awarded $104 Million by I.R.S
Bradley Birkenfeld awarded $104m (65m) by US authorities for revealing how UBS helped wealthy Americans evade tax. More »

10 Sep 2012
The 50 Most Influential People in Global Finance
Bloomberg Markets' Most Influential 50 is a list of people who matter most in global finance. More »

05 Sep 2012
Banks' reward structures encouraging mis-selling, FSA warns
Britain's banks are facing a clampdown on commission-based sales that have encouraged mis-selling of financial products. More »

05 Sep 2012
Save the Children urges action for poorest UK children
Charity launches an appeal and says the UK's poorest children are bearing the brunt of the recession. More »

21 Aug 2012
Free banking a myth, Which? report says
Consumer group demands banks be more transparent about charges as it warns credit and debit customers both lose out. More »

20 Aug 2012
CCLA ranked top manager of SRI Funds in the UK
Firm that deals with the CBF Church of England Investment Fund marked as top provider for managing Social Responsible Investment Funds. More »

15 Aug 2012
Standard Chartered faces Fed probes after N.Y. deal
Bank faces federal inquiries over claims it helped sanctioned nations including Iran illegally funnel money through the U.S. More »

08 Aug 2012
Ethical Investment - Action Guide for Churches
The NEIW 2012 Action Guide for Churches will help you let your friends, neighbours and fellow churchgoers know of green and ethical options when it comes to their money. More »

07 Aug 2012
Church of England disinvests from News Corporation
Sale of shares in News Corporation on the advice of the Church's Ethical Investment Advisory Group (EIAG). More »

06 Aug 2012
London's big lead and social mobility
How much does poverty damage your school results? It's not good news, alas. More »

06 Aug 2012
Barclays plans radical bonus reforms
Barclays is planning radical bonus reforms that could see staff having to wait until they retire to collect their awards, as the bank tries to overhaul its culture. More »

06 Aug 2012
As Libor fault-finding grows, it is now every bank for itself
Major banks, which often band together when facing government scrutiny, are now turning on one another as investigation into manipulation of interest rates gains momentum. More »

25 Jul 2012
Banking at the cross-roads: Where do we go from here?
Speech by Lord Turner, FSA Chairman, on the drivers of declining trust in the banking industry and how to overcome them. More »

22 Jul 2012
Tax Justice Network: Wealth held in tax havens skyrockets
A new report estimates that the amount of wealth tucked away in offshore accounts is far larger than previously imagined. More »

19 Jul 2012
The eurozone's religious fault line
Could Protestant and Catholic leaders have deep-seated instincts that lead them to pull the eurozone in different directions, until it breaks? More »

17 Jul 2012
Seven banks under U.K. Libor investigation as FSA criticized
The U.K. financial regulator said it's investigating seven banks over attempts to manipulate interbank offered rates as lawmakers criticized it for not opening the probe earlier. More »

17 Jul 2012
HSBC failed to act on money laundering, says US Senate
Investigation concludes that Europe's largest bank ignored warning signs about money-launderers and potential terrorists. More »

17 Jul 2012
Bishop of Durham to serve on Banking Standards Commission
The Rt Revd Justin Welby, Bishop of Durham, has been invited to sit on the Parliamentary Commission On Banking Standards. More »

04 Jul 2012
Bob Diamond questioned by MPs: live
Bank of England Deputy Governor requests UK Parliament Treasury Committe hearing as former Barclays chief faces questions from MPs. More »

03 Jul 2012
Bob Diamond resigns from Barclays - live
Latest developments as Barclays chief executive steps down... More »

29 Jun 2012
Bank of England head says banks must change culture
Sir Mervyn King has called for a change in the banking culture, saying that customers have received "shoddy" treatment. More »

28 Jun 2012
Barclays bank: too big to obey the rules
It needs to be uncovered just how far this market-fixing went - this has all the makings of systemic scandal. More »

27 Jun 2012
Barclays fined for attempts to manipulate key bank rates
Barclays bank will pay penalties of 290m for trying to rig key interest rates at which banks lend money to each other. More »

25 Jun 2012
David Cameron on cutting welfare benefits
Housing benefit for under-25s and benefits for lone parents under threat as PM attacks 'culture of entitlement'. More »

24 Jun 2012
Archbishop of Canterbury renews attack on Big Society
Archbishop of Canterbury has launched a fresh attack on David Cameron's Big Society, saying it is perceived as "aspirational waffle". More »

20 Jun 2012
Archbishop Rowan Williams challenges myths over aid
The Archbishop of Canterbury has challenged the 'myths' around international development and praised the overseas aid budget for its remarkable value for money. More »

14 Jun 2012
WPP shareholders reject Sorrell's 6.8 million pounds pay
Almost 60 percent of shareholders voted against WPP's remuneration report at an annual meeting in Dublin on Wednesday. More »

13 Jun 2012
Iceland's stunning comeback gives Eurozone food for thought
Guess which developed country could enjoy the fastest growth this year? Come on? Alright, then - it's Iceland. More »

11 Jun 2012
The Quiet Coup (2009)
If the IMF's staff could speak freely about the U.S., it would tell us what it tells all countries in this situation: recovery will fail unless we break the financial oligarchy that is blocking essential reform. More »

29 May 2012
ECCR seeks new Executive Director
The Ecumenical Council for Corporate Responsibility have a new job opening on their website, seeking an Executive Director to shape their future work. More »

29 May 2012
CGMA releases new report on business ethics
Report explores the importance placed on business ethics, ethical performance and ethical management within organisations. More »

25 May 2012
Money and morality
If everything has a price, does nothing have a value? This Wednesday, the cathedral was packed for Harvard philosopher Michael Sandel. More »

24 May 2012
We must decide on the way we want to live now
Growth vs austerity: the eurozone crisis has become a canvas on which politicians project their own values. More »

15 May 2012
Obama says JPMorgan loss shows need for tighter rules
US President said JPMorgan suffering a $2 billion trading loss demonstrates the need for closer regulation of the financial services industry. More »

09 May 2012
Occupy London tour shows bankers profiting amid poverty
Nowhere is the divide between rich and poor more evident than in Tower Hamlets and Canary Wharf. More »

09 May 2012
Queen's speech puts 'growth, justice and constitutional reform' at its heart
Lords reform takes centre stage in legislative agenda, alongside measures to support families, change employment law and reform pensions. More »

30 Apr 2012
From Faust to Frankenstein
Archbishop Rowan Williams reviews the latest books from Michael Sandel and Robert and Edward Skidelsky. More »

26 Apr 2012
Does the Invisible Hand Really Know Best?
A response to Michael Sandel's new book 'What Money Can't Buy: The Moral Limits of Markets'. More »

05 Apr 2012
Camels can pass through a needle's eye
Desmund Tutu and Bettina Gronblum discuss how the pursuit of an abundant life can be reconciled with ethics and integrity. More »

30 Mar 2012
City of London agrees to support higher minimum wage
The City of London Corporation has agreed to support the Living Wage campaign to pay a higher minimum wage to workers in the British capital. More »

21 Mar 2012
Budget 2012: live coverage
Live coverage of George Osborne's statement. More »

16 Mar 2012
Archbishop Rowan Williams to step down
Archbishop Rowan Williams has today announced his acceptance of the position of Master of Magdalene College, Cambridge with effect from January 2013. More »

15 Mar 2012
Goldman roiled by op-ed loses $2.2B for shareholders
$2.15 billion of market value wiped out, sparking debate across Wall Street. More »

14 Mar 2012
Why I Am Leaving Goldman Sachs
Greg Smith is resigning today as a Goldman Sachs executive director and head of the firm's United States equity derivatives business in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. More »

06 Mar 2012
Prosperity, autocracy and democracy
Why do some countries get rich and others don't? Countries need to cultivate ''inclusive'' institutions and prevent the rise of ''extractive'' ones. More »

01 Mar 2012
Government U-turn on work scheme
Rules on work experience changed after threats from major employers. More »

20 Feb 2012
Al Gore likens carbon to subprime debt
Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore said investors in oil and gas companies who ignore the cost of emitting carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are making a mistake similar to those who invested in subprime mortgages. More »

06 Feb 2012
Truth about banker pay: It's falling
British investment bankers are braced for deep slashes to their pay packets after a slowdown in trading saw their US rivals cut bonuses by up to 30 per cent. More »

05 Feb 2012
HARDTalk: Responsible Capitalism
Three financiers, Ken Costa, Nicola Horlick and Lord Richard Newby, discuss if capitalism can find a new moral compass. More »

28 Jan 2012
RBS chairman gives up 1.4m bonus
Bank announces that Sir Philip Hampton will not receive bonus amid controversy over decision to award RBS chief executive Stephen Hester 963,000. More »

26 Jan 2012
Davos 2012: complete coverage
A wide range of coverage on the current World Economic Forum taking place at Davos this week. More »

24 Jan 2012
UK debt passes 1 trillion for the first time
The UK Treasury has blamed "unsustainable" levels of spending by the last Labour government for public debt rising above 1 trillion for the first time. More »

19 Jan 2012
David Cameron's 'moral capitalism' speech
Read David Cameron's speech on 'moral capitalism' in full. More »

18 Jan 2012
How to pay the living wage in your borough
Islington borough has committed to paying and promoting the London living wage. More »

13 Jan 2012
Lloyds chief declines annual bonus
Antonio Horta-Osorio, chief executive of Lloyds Banking Group, has said he will not take an annual bonus for 2011. More »

09 Jan 2012
Chief executive pay outstrips company performance
Chief executives in 87 of the FTSE 100 companies took home 5.1m in basic pay, bonuses, share incentives and pension contributions in 2010-11, a new report reveals. More »

20 Dec 2011
Put aside the City's whingeing - Vince Cable
The threats posed by banking reform are exaggerated. The country's interests must come first. More »

19 Dec 2011
Has Europe lost its soul?
Stabilising the euro is one thing, healing the culture that surrounds it is another. A world in which material values are everything and spiritual values nothing is neither a stable state nor a good society. More »

09 Dec 2011
We're finding common ground between the City and Occupy activists
Ken Costa explores the common voice that is emerging in discussion about the role of finance in our society. More »

09 Dec 2011
Occupy London meets FSA and engages with the City
Last night, Occupy London - part of the global movement for social and economic justice - met with Hector Sants, CEO of the Financial Services Authority at St Ethelburga's Tent at the Centre for Reconciliation and Peace. More »

05 Dec 2011
London Connection brings Occupy London and FSA chief together
The initiative announced by the Bishop of London has begun a programme of dialogue and engagement starting with Hector Sants, Chief Executive of the Financial Services Authority. More »

02 Dec 2011
King tells bankers: Cut your bonuses to help us all
Banks must cut bonuses and use the money they save to protect themselves from the eurozone debt crisis the Governor of the Bank of England warned yesterday. More »

28 Nov 2011
UK on the brink of double-dip recession, warns OECD
Thinktank cuts growth forecast for UK following austerity measures and says unemployment could rise to 9.1% by 2013. More »

22 Nov 2011
Bankers's Pay 'Corrosive' for U.K. Economy
The soaring earnings of top bankers are having a "corrosive" effect on the U.K. economy, the High Pay Commission said. More »

21 Nov 2011
Bishops sign open letter criticising welfare reforms
Eighteen Church of England bishops have signed an open letter, criticising the government's proposed welfare changes. More »

04 Nov 2011
Banks must improve contribution to society
Banks must accept responsibility for past mistakes and show how they can contribute to society and economic growth or they could face more public unrest, the boss of one of Britain's top banks said on Thursday. More »

02 Nov 2011
St Paul's suspends legal action against protest camp
The Chapter of St Paul's Cathedral has unanimously agreed to suspend its current legal action against the protest camp outside the church. More »

28 Oct 2011
Occupy London protest issues demands to democratise City of London
Activists at St Paul's cathedral call for end to square mile's 'unconstitutional power and influence' and end of City police force. More »

28 Oct 2011
Directors' pay rose 50% in past year, says IDS report
Pay for the directors of the UK's top businesses rose 50% over the past year, a pay research company has said. More »

25 Oct 2011
Swiss Banks Said Ready to Reveal Clients
Swiss banks will probably settle a sweeping U.S. probe of offshore tax evasion by paying billions of dollars and handing over names of thousands of Americans who have secret accounts. More »

17 Oct 2011
'Occupy' is a response to economic permafrost
We've had nine months of political paralysis. And people have begun to feel the economic permafrost setting in. More »

10 Oct 2011
Investment banks need ethics as well as a desire to make money
Each major investment bank has a Code of Ethics. These are in practical terms useless. Opinion piece by John Reynolds. More »

28 Sep 2011
Financial markets face 'severe strains', warns BoE
Financial Policy Committee says banks might need to eat into capital cushions to keep credit flowing. More »

26 Sep 2011
Can eurozone banks be strengthened?
There was progress towards a eurozone rescue deal during the IMF's annual meeting in Washington, according to those present. But they caution that a workable proposal cannot yet be banked. More »

19 Sep 2011
Firms must explain top wages, Vince Cable.
Shareholders should have a bigger say on executive pay to ensure there are "no rewards for failure", Business Secretary Vince Cable has said. More »

19 Sep 2011
Obama to propose new tax rate for millionaires
The White House will propose a new tax rate for people earning more than $1 million a year to ensure that they pay at least the same percentage of their earnings in taxes as middle-income Americans. More »

15 Sep 2011
City rogue trader arrested over $2bn UBS loss
31-year old trader at UBS has been arrested by City of London police in connection with rogue trading that has cost the Swiss banking giant an estimated $2bn. More »

12 Sep 2011
UK to push through bank reforms
Britain's banks face some of the world's toughest regulations under reforms outlined on Monday, which require them to insulate their retail lending activities and store up billions in extra capital at a cost of up to 7 billion pounds ($11 billion). More »

08 Sep 2011
Business leaders plead for more quantitative easing
Business leaders are urging the Bank of England to authorise another 50bn of quantitative easing in order to boost bank lending and prevent the economy slipping back into recession. More »

07 Sep 2011
High 50p tax rate damages UK, say leading economists
Twenty leading economists have urged the government to drop the top 50p tax rate. More »

01 Sep 2011
Christianity and Capitalism: Investing in the Lord
The Bible tells us that the love of money is the root of all evil, yet the seemingly sin-ridden worlds of investments and big banking are cohabiting quite happily with Christianity. More »

31 Aug 2011
Vince Cable: Disingenuous bankers are trying to derail reforms
Banking sector using economic turmoil to argue against regulatory change, says business secretary. More »

17 Aug 2011
European markets hit by eurozone Robin Hood tax plans
German chancellor Angela Merkel and French president Nicolas Sarkozy propose new financial transaction tax. More »

01 Aug 2011
Civil servants' golden handshakes cost taxpayer 1bn
Civil servants made redundant because of Coalition cuts are receiving average redundancy payouts of more than 40,000 - four times those in the private sector. More »

29 Jul 2011
Big Society Capital opens with 600mil
The Government's much-vaunted Big Society bank launches with the name Big Society Capital today. More »

27 Jul 2011
Wellbeing index gets the go ahead
Government plans to rate happiness in the UK have been given the go-ahead, following a positive response from the public. More »

20 Jul 2011
Hacking scandal highlights need for human rights due diligence
The ever growing News International hacking scandal highlights two key lessons for all those who care about business ethics and corporate responsibility. More »

11 Jul 2011
Chruch of England threatens to pull News Corp investment
The Church of England has threatened to pull its 4 million investment in Rupert Murdoch's News Corp over the phone hacking scandal. More »

29 Jun 2011
New Church of England ethical investment policy on alcohol
A new ethical investment policy on alcohol has been adopted by the Church of England investing bodies following advice from the Church's Ethical Investment Advisory Group (EIAG). More »

27 Jun 2011
Archbishop calls for action on UK poverty
The Archbishop of York Dr John Sentamu has called for action to be taken to address UK poverty levels. More »

09 Jun 2011
Ministers hit back in Archbishop of Canterbury row
Ministers have defended their welfare, health and education policies after an attack by the Archbishop of Canterbury. More »

09 Jun 2011
Leader: The government needs to know how afraid people are
Archbishop of Canterbury: We are being committed to radical, long-term policies for which no one voted. More »

06 Jun 2011
Wage study shows rich-poor divide widening
Workers on low incomes have seen their pay increase by 27% over the past 30 years but wage rises for the top 10% of earners have been four times higher. More »

03 Jun 2011
Goldman Sachs subpoenaed for financial crisis role
New York prosecutors have asked Goldman Sachs to explain its behavior in the run-up to the financial crisis. More »

01 Jun 2011
New Ethical Investment Advisory Group Chairman appointed
The new Chairman of the Church of England's Ethical Investment Advisory Group (EIAG) is to be corporate lawyer James Featherby. More »

31 May 2011
Food prices to double by 2030, Oxfam warns
Charity says era of permanent food crisis will hit poorest people hardest and spark social unrest. More »

24 May 2011
What Moody's said today that hurt the banks
Moody's, a leading credit ratings agency, announced it was reviewing the credit ratings of fourteen UK banks and building societies for a possible downgrade. More »

24 May 2011
Cable launches Green Investment Bank advisory group
Business Secretary confirms Sir Adrian Montague as chairman of Green Investment Bank advisory group. More »

19 May 2011
Lloyd shareholders hit out at boss's 13m pay
Antonio Horta-Osorio, who joined from Santander, took up his post in March with a 'golden hello' pay and bonus package worth an estimated 13.4m. More »

18 May 2011
Companies warned over bribery precautions
Overzealous cuts to compliance departments after the financial crisis have left multinational companies exposed to fraud prosecutions, according to data released on Wednesday. More »

16 May 2011
Pay gap widening to Victorian levels
High pay commission forecasts top earners' slice of national income will rise from current 5% to 14% by 2030. More »

09 May 2011
God's Bankers: Evangelical Christianity in the City of London
Alex Preston asks how the disciples of evangelical Christianity reconcile their faith with the avarice of high finance. More »

09 May 2011
Rich list: it's like the recession never happened
Britain's wealthiest residents have recouped their losses from the financial crisis and are now just short of the record registered before the 2008 financial crash. More »

09 May 2011
British banks drop PPI mis-selling appeal
Britain's big banks have abandoned a controversial appeal over payment protection insurance, opening the way for billions of pounds in compensation for those mis-sold policies. More »

04 May 2011
Euro zone takes third debt crisis patient into care
Portugal's caretaker Prime Minister Jose Socrates announced late on Tuesday he had reached preliminary agreement with the EU, IMF and the European Central Bank for a three-year package of support... More »

04 May 2011
AFME hits back at calls for 'Robin Hood tax'
The Association of Financial Markets in Europe today called for a full study into the tax contribution made by the sector, as it claimed a transactions tax would "not be effective at any level". More »

15 Apr 2011
Identity fraud continues to rise
Identity fraudsters are increasingly applying for loans and credit cards, with instances of insurance and first party fraud also rising, says Experian. More »

14 Apr 2011
Goldman Sachs misled Congress after duping clients
Clients and Congress misled about the firm's bets on securities tied to the housing market, the chairman of the U.S. Senate panel that investigated the causes of the financial crisis said. More »

11 Apr 2011
Are Ethics for Suckers?
When even Warren Buffett looks bad, the financial world is begging for a backlash. More »

07 Apr 2011
BP unites Christians in opposition to high exec pay and poor safety
They may have their differences, but Catholic and Protestant investors have found some common ground - BP's levels of executive pay and its failure to tackle safety problems. More »

05 Apr 2011
UK economy faces 'worrying' times
The UK faces a fragile economic recovery, with a worrying overall picture, according to the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC). More »

05 Apr 2011
World economy facing numerous 'black swans', IMF chief warns
The global economy is facing a flock of "black swans", the head of the International Monetary Fund has warned. More »