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Unfinished Business: Reform and Innovation in Finance

Tuesday 9thJune 2015, 6.30pm
St Faith's Chapel, Crypt of St Paul's Cathedral

Following the 2008 financial crisis, there have been numerous attempts to repair structural flaws in the financial system. Alongside key policy and regulatory changes, there has been increased attention placed on linking professional conduct to a greater sense of social purpose - to rediscover the positive role that the financial sector has to play in facilitating a thriving society. There has also been an appetite for innovative business models, such as peer to peer lending and crowdfunding, that seek to renew the relationship between the financial sector and its customers, and fill the gap between the broader public and a deeply mistrusted banking status quo. In contrast to five years ago, the 2015 General Election campaign has barely featured finance reform. Does this mean the problems have gone away, or that the political class has lost interest in a complex subject?

This event, organised in partnership between St Paul's Institute and the Finance Innovation Lab, will explore what is required to properly implement long-term change to transform the finance system into one that is democratic, responsible and fair. Have banks and the banking system really changed, and will incoming regulation protect us from future financial crises? Where are innovative models emerging from, and will they supplement or replace the status quo? Are we there yet, or do we still need to push for deeper systemic change?


George Graham - Head of Strategic Insight, Royal Bank of Scotland

Tony Greenham - Head of Finance & Business, New Economics Foundation

Julia Groves - Chair of the UK Crowdfunding Association

Patricia Jackson - EY Strategic Advisor Risk Governance and Regulation

James Vaccaro - Head of Corporate Strategy, Triodos Bank

Chaired by Chris Hewett - Fellow of the Finance Innovation Lab

This event is free to attend but registration is essential. 
To register for tickets please visit: