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Tomorrow's Capital Markets: Investing in what we value

Tuesday 27th October, 6.30pm

Crypt of St Paul's Cathedral

Climate; energy; food; water; health; infrastructure. All these are essential foundations for life. As the world population pushes towards 9 billion, we need to be better than ever at mobilising our savings and our wealth to ensure that we make the right investment in them. The current migration crisis illustrates all too clearly what happens when we don't.

Capital markets are a hugely important contributor to the solutions that we need. They can fuel growth by mobilising savings and diverting them into productive investment. They can encourage greater diversity in funding, reduce concentration of risk. They enable ordinary people to save with the prospect of a fair return. The amount of money available is vast.

So how can we fund the growth and innovation we need without robbing the future to pay for today? How do we get resources channelled to where they can be most productively used for long-term human flourishing while producing sufficient return to incentivise market participants to invest?

The forthcoming report from Tomorrow's Company Tomorrow's Capital Markets: Investing in what we value seeks to build on a growing momentum for change. The report sets out a vision for the system and this event shares the findings in order to encourage further debate and identify ways to turn the recommendations into action.


Jane Goodland - Head of Responsible Business, Old Mutual Wealth

Mark Goyder - CEO & Founder Director, Tomorrow's Company

Barbara Ridpath - Director, St Paul's Institute

Rev'd Hugh Thomas - Curate, St Katharine & St Margaret (formerly Global Compliance Director, Deutsche Bank)

This event is free to attend, but places are limited and registration is essential.

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