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The City: Is it socially useful?

Date: Wednesday 25th July 2012
Venue: St Mary-le-Bow Church, Cheapside
Time: 6.05pm

The financial services sector in Great Britain accounts for over 10% of national income and has seen exponential growth since the Big Bang deregulation of 1986, placing London as arguably the world's most important financial centre. This has led to the provision of tens of billions of pounds worth of surpluses into the economy each year, promoting economic prosperity and growth, but it also encouraged practices that led directly to the 2008 financial crisis, negatively impacting our national and global economies.

What, exactly, should the role of the financial sector be? Does it need reforming and, if so, how? Are we falling into the trap of endless 'banker bashing', or is there a need to seriously reconsider the power we have given to the financial services industry? Should London always be synonymous with finance?


Tony Greenham - Head of Finance and Business, new economics foundation

Raquel Hughes - Director of Strategy, TheCityUK

Anne Kiem (Chair) - Chief Executive, Institute of Financial Services

This debate is free and open to all. If you would like to attend, please register by contacting or call 020 7489 1011