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No Longer 'Intimidated by Expertise' - The Church and Finance

Venue: Wren Suite, St Paul's Cathedral
Date: Monday 12th November, 2012
Time: 10am - 4pm

With the ongoing financial crisis impacting many of our political and economic institutions, there is an urgent need for clergy and their parishioners to participate in discussion on the kind of society we wish to create and how we might be able to get there. However, many clergy do not feel qualified to discuss matters of economics and finance, instead feeling 'intimidated by expertise' and consequently shut out of this conversation.

St Paul's Institute, together with CCLA Investment Management, has for the past year run a number of clergy learning days that intend to lift this veil of 'expertise' and provide a clear understanding of the way in which the Church works financially and interfaces with financial markets, the ethical reasoning behind the Church's investments, as well as pass on a measure of financial literacy and knowledge of how the City operates on a daily basis.

Each session through the day will be led by an 'approachable expert' with practical experience within the area under discussion and will be undertaken in an entertaining and informative manner. Further information and a full agenda will be provided to those who register.

This learning day is open only to clergy or those in training.

Please note: this day contains much of the same material as our previous 'intimidated by expertise' sessions.

In order to register please respond by email to Robert Gordon, or on 020 7489 1011.