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Inequality and the Green Economy

Tuesday 21st June 2016
6.30pm - 8.00pm (doors open at 6pm)
Crypt of St Paul's Cathedral

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With the recent success of the Paris Agreement, the need for clearly articulated ideas about how we can best transition to a green 'zero carbon' economy are required to ensure that dialogue turns into action. In addition, the pressing issue of inequality continues to create divisions becoming - alongside climate change - an increasing threat to the long-term stability of society and the shared resources that we rely upon.

Organised in partnership between St Paul's Institute and Tearfund, this event will explore the notion of a circular economy and how such an approach can both work to achieve a 'zero carbon' society whilst at the same time creating structures that help alleviate the causes and effects of inequality. What is a circular economy, and how does it relate to inequality? How will the transition to 'zero carbon' affect prosperity, growth and consumption? What is required to achieve the kinds of commitments outlined in the Paris Agreement, and who is best placed to do so?

The panel will explore the relationship between inequality and the green economy from the perspective of different sectors, including workable examples of how a circular economy can provide the mechanisms needed to see measurable and effective change. This action-focused discussion will also outline how UK legislation is seeking to achieve the commitments of the Paris Agreement whilst highlighting the impact that a transformation of the UK economy can have on developing communities around the world.


Joanne Green - Senior Policy Adviser, Tearfund

Tony Greenham - Director of Economy, Enterprise and Manufacturing, RSA

Dr Irene Guijt - Head of Research, Oxfam GB

Ken Webster - Head of Innovation, Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Chaired by Nigel Harris - Chief Executive, Tearfund


The Restorative Economy - report by Tearfund

Circular Economy - website resources by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation

The Circular Economy - video series from the World Bank Group

To register for tickets visit:

This event is open to all who wish to attend and is free.  However, we would welcome a donation (we suggest £5) to help cover the running cost from anyone who wishes to make it.