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Beyond Election Day: Power, Money, Government and Responsibility

Beyond Election Day: Power, Money, Government and Responsibility
Wednesday 29th April, 6.30pm
St Paul's Cathedral, London EC4M 8AD

The forthcoming General Election has brought to the fore public discussion about the role and effectiveness of many of our social institutions. A growing number of voices have been calling for a new settlement that re-imagines political engagement and the relationship between government, business and society. A settlement that places the common good at the heart of decision-making; allows politicians to move away from short-term electoral constraints; and encourages us all to vote for reasons greater than our own self-interest.

The recent Bishops' Pastoral Letter called for a "fresh moral vision of the kind of country we want to be" that must "focus on the common good, the participation of more people in developing a political vision and constructive ways to talk about communities and how they relate to one another." One week before the election, St Paul's Institute, in partnership with Theos and Together for the Common Good, will bring together key speakers to help us form this fresh moral vision in a public discussion held under the historic dome of St Paul's Cathedral.

How do we get politics and business working for the common good? What role should personal judgement and mutual responsibility play in our commercial and social decision-making? How can we harness relationships with clear purpose for the long-term benefit of all?

And... what will make this real - and not just utopian fantasy?


Prof. Craig Calhoun - Director of the London School of Economics and Political Science

Shami Chakrabarti CBE - Director of Liberty

Conor Kehoe - Director at McKinsey & Company

Loretta Minghella OBE - Chief Executive of Christian Aid

Chaired by the Revd Canon Angus Ritchie - Executive Director of the Centre for Theology & Community

This event is free to attend, but registration is essential. Audience questions will be taken.

To register for tickets please visit: