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St Paul's Institute organises a wide range of events, from large cathedral floor debates and dialogues through to seminars in the crypt, professional workshops, student activities and private roundtable discussions.

Below you can find a list of our forthcoming public events, as well as an archive of those previously held.

Check our Video archive for full videos of most of our previous events.

18 Feb 2019
Democracy and the Common Good: Who is Welcome Here?
This event will look at the prospect of Brexit and its implications for the City of London in relation to freedom of movement and labour,thinking about the question 'what kind of city do we want to be?' More »

30 Jan 2019
Forgive us our Debts
Forgive us our Debts is a partnership project between Theos and St Paul's Institute. The project seeks to examine debt in the UK at the personal, corporate, and government levels and engage the main areas of concern within a theologically-informed moral framework. More »

10 Dec 2018
Debt in the UK: Faith-Based and Secular Responses
LSE Anthropology in partnership with Theos and St Paul's Institute, ask what common ground do religious and secular civil society organisations have in identifying the challenges of debt and providing solutions? More »

28 Nov 2018
Democracy and the Common Good: Alternatives to GDP
What is Growth, and how do we measure it? The journey from poverty to prosperity is widely measured by and credited to the growth in a country's GDP. But what if there is more to consider? More »

18 Jul 2018
Democracy and the Common Good: How we Live Together in Community?
Join us for Democracy and the Common Good: How we Live Together in Community as we focus in on cities and ask: How can we engage with our cities to make them work for all people? More »

10 Jul 2018
The War on Wonga - Five Years On
Join St Paul's Institute, Theos and Capital Mass for a stimulating and challenging evening of theology and practical challenge, as together we mark 5 years since the call for the War on Wonga. More »

30 Apr 2018
Fair Pay for Fair Work: Looking at Executive Pay
The launch event for St Paul's Institute's new paper Fair Pay for Fair Work, kindly sponsored by Friends Provident Foundation, on how to make executive pay more transparent and more just. More »

19 Mar 2018
Democracy and the Common Good: What do we Value?
Join Michael Sandel at St Paul's Cathedral for a lively discussion on how we might promote a national conversation to address current widespread economic and cultural insecurity. More »

20 Nov 2017
The Protestant Work Ethic and the Changing Nature of Work
What does the future of work look like in the light of artificial intelligence, robotics and the 'gig' economy? More »

25 Sep 2017 - 28 Oct 2017
Stations of Water
Stations of Water is an art exhibition featuring nine contemporary artists in conjunction with This exhibition, curated by Oksana Smirnova and Regan O'Callaghan, will feature a selection of sculpture painting, installation... More »

19 Jun 2017
Water Politics
A JustWater event on how water affects our daily news flow. More »

16 May 2017
Open Society Under Threat? A Warning from History
Joint event with Cumberland Lodge. What lessons can we learn from the past to help build more peaceful, tolerant and inclusive societies for the future? More »

23 Mar 2017
Water of Life? Creation, Culture & the River Thames
Join us at the flagship event for the JustWater programme in the UK with a wide range of performances, speakers and organisations present. Don't miss out! More »

14 Nov 2016
JustWater Clergy Learning Day
Bringing together clergy and campaigners for an interactive day that will explore the theology of water, how we can make a bigger impact together, potential programming and engagement with water-related charities. More »

07 Nov 2016
The Divide: Film Screening
The Divide tells the story of 7 individuals striving for a better life in the modern day US and UK - where the top 0.1% owns as much wealth as the bottom 90%. More »

28 Nov 2016
Our Working Lives: Facing the Future
The only certainty in the world of work is that it will change dramatically over the course of our working lives. What skills and attitudes do we need to be able to adapt to whatever the future brings? More »

05 Oct 2016
What is Meaningful Work?
Organised in partnership with the LSE Faith Centre, LSE Life and LSE Careers. How can our values and/or beliefs best inform our work and make a positive difference in the world? More »

13 Sep 2016
Liveable London: Wellbeing, Resilience and City Life
This event will look at how London has historically responded to economic and political challenges, and consider how relevant past resilience and adaptability is to confront current challenges. More »

21 Jun 2016
Inequality and the Green Economy
Organised in partnership between St Paul's Institute and Tearfund. Will a move towards a greener economy help mitigate issues of social and economic inequality? More »

23 May 2016
Clergy Learning Day: A Shared Vision for London
This learning day will bring together clergy and campaigners for an interactive programme that will explore some of the challenges facing communities in London, as well as the immediate actions that churches can take. More »

19 Apr 2016
A Shared Vision for London
Organised in partnership between CoVi and St Paul's Institute, this audience-focused Q&A; event aims to develop consensus in order to bring together a shared vision for the future of our city. More »

16 Mar 2016
Should the Private Sector Lead on Climate Change?
With global, economy-wide and immediate action needed to mitigate and adapt to the impacts of climate change, what are the most effective drivers of widespread and measurable change? More »

26 Jan 2016
Launch of Eco Church
Launching at St Paul's Cathedral in January 2016, Eco Church is a brand new project to help your church care for God's earth. More »

23 Nov 2015
Launch of Capital Mass
Capital Mass is a joint venture between the Church Urban Fund and the Diocese of London. Through market stalls and speakers corners, our aim is that you will not simply hear about Capital Mass rather you'll experience it! More »

03 Nov 2015
PostCapitalism: Envisaging A Shared Future
Paul Mason, Economics Editor for Channel 4 News, explores the future of the global economy and how we might be on the brink of profound social change that will fundamentally redefine how we relate to one another and come together as society. More »

27 Oct 2015
Tomorrow's Capital Markets: Investing in what we value
How can we fund the growth and innovation we need without robbing the future to pay for today? Professional seminar organised in partnership with Tomorrow's Company. More »

13 Oct 2015
Escaping Short-Termism: Managing for the Long Term
Professional seminar organised in partnership with the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA). More »

01 Jul 2015
Authentic, Successful and Honest in the Workplace
This interactive 'fishbowl' seminar will explore the conflicts that people often find between their professional careers and faith-based identity. More »

09 Jun 2015
Unfinished Business: Reform and Innovation in Finance
This event, organised in partnership between St Paul's Institute and the Finance Innovation Lab, will explore what is required to properly implement long-term change to transform the finance system into one that is democratic, responsible and fair. More »

18 May 2015
The Ins and Outs of Policymaking: What Role for the Church?
A clergy learning day held in partnership with the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills, geared to enhance understanding on how the Church can engage with policy and policymaking. More »

29 Apr 2015
Beyond Election Day: Power, Money, Government and Responsibility
How do we get politics and business working for the common good, forming a fresh moral vision for the kind of country we want to be? More »

23 Apr 2015
Climate Change and the Common Good: The Cultural Challenge
Public event exploring the behavioural and organisational changes needed to mitigate climate change, alongside a display of cultural expressions focusing on the issue. More »

23 Mar 2015
Anglican Social Engagement: Past, Present and Future
The recent Bishops' letter on participation in the political process has highlighted the role of the church in social and economic issues. This evening will look both at the history of Anglican social engagement, and also consider its future. More »

25 Mar 2015
Change at Every Level: New Structures for Gender Equality
This event will explore the structural changes needed to help promote a more equal and fair society throughout all fields of life from both a national and global perspective. More »

10 Mar 2015
International Women's Day: Mentoring Event
St Paul's Institute, in partnership with Girls Talk London, is hosting a mentoring event for young women aged 16 - 24 that will bring them into discussion with professionals from throughout the City. More »

26 Jan 2015
What's Gender Got to Do With It? Women and the Economy
St Paul's Institute, Women's Budget Group and the Women's Resource Centre are pleased to invite you to this panel debate on women and the economy. More »

23 Jan 2015
Inequality and the Common Good
Coinciding with the 2015 Trinity Wall Street Institute conference this event will include a live-stream session from New York, along with a screening of the documentary 'Inequality for All'. More »

24 Nov 2014
God and the Moneylenders: Championing Financial Justice
A clergy learning day exploring the theology of money and practical initiatives that can be taken by churches to promote financial justice. More »

06 Nov 2014
What is Stewardship?...And Why Does it Matter?
Biologist and Pulitzer Prize winning author E.O. Wilson gives a keynote speech on biodiversity and the meaning of stewardship, in support of the MEMO project. More »

28 Oct 2014
Money: Master or Servant?
Three speakers bring their theological, academic and practitioner perspectives to explore the ways in which we relate to money. More »

17 Sep 2014
Debate: Should economic growth be the primary goal of economic policy?
Two-person debate held in collaboration with JustShare, featuring Andy Haldane from the Bank of England. More »

16 Jul 2014
Women in Leadership: What Needs to Change?
An event held under the dome of St Paul's. How can we remove the institutional and cultural barriers preventing many women from reaching positions of leadership? More »

07 May 2014
Climate Change: Building the Will for Action
High-profile event with Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. More »

17 Jun 2014
Mammon's Kingdom: Money, Greed and Selfishness
David Marquand presents his thesis on the need for a new public framework and political discourse. More »

02 Apr 2014
Looking Beyond the Check-box: Mitigating Risk, Maximising Performance
A panel discussion on how to mitigate risk and maximise performance by looking beyond the check box, held in partnership with CIMA. More »

05 Feb 2014
What is Money?...and Why Does it Matter?
A lecture from Felix Martin, author of 'Money: The Unauthorised Biography', on the nature of money and the mythologies we build around it. More »

02 Dec 2013
Good People, Good Money, Good Banks: What Role for the Church?
Clergy learning day exploring themes from our recent cathedral floor series. Held in partnership with CCLA Investment Management and the Contextual Theology Centre. More »

05 Nov 2013
Faith in Finance
This event held in partnership with the Christian Muslim Forum will explore the guidance that the wisdom of Christian and Muslim teaching has to give on current discussion around the nature of money and finance. More »

24 Jun 2013
Market Ethics: Caught or Taught?
This lecture will explore the relationship between regulatory reform and broader issues of culture, purpose, identity and meaning in the financial sector. More »

05 Jun 2013
Good Money: Funding Communities, Adding Value
Following our cathedral floor debate with Lord Skidelsky and others, a seminar exploring the supply and demand for money and how it impacts local communities. More »

15 Apr 2013
Good People: Challenge the Value of Culture (seminar)
Find out more about culture and behaving ethically in the workplace and the positive long-term effects of sustainability and growth for an organisation. More »

21 Mar 2013
The City in Europe: Regulation, Culture and the Bottom Line
A panel discussion held in conjunction with the European Parliament Office in the UK and the British Bankers' Association. More »

16 Feb 2013
Value and Values: Ethics in the City
A panel discussion held as part of The Bloxham Festival of Faith and Literature, discussing the findings of the 2011 St Paul's Institute report and its relation to the City today. More »

12 Nov 2012
No Longer 'Intimidated by Expertise' - The Church and Finance
A practical learning day for clergy on financial markets, the City and the Church. More »

25 Sep 2012
Models for Social Change: New Debate and Democracy
Seminar looking at direct democracy, technology and social media, and the role of public discourse in the search for the common good. More »

25 Sep 2012
St Paul's Cross: Preachers, People and Power
This seminar will explore what truth lies behind often romanticised ideas about this democratically resonant part of London. More »

29 Jun 2012
Welfare: Whose Responsibility Is It?
What is welfare, and who should provide it? Who does it exist for, and how should they access it? Join us for this seminar chaired by Owen Jones. More »

25 Jul 2012
The City: Is it socially useful?
A debate at St Mary-le-Bow, Cheapside, which will explore the role of the City in society today. Should London always be synonymous with finance? More »

11 Jun 2012
The New Normal: Preparing Capitalism for the 21st Century
A seminar considering the new realities that face capitalism in a shrinking world and changing nation. What is the 'New Normal'? And how will it affect the world we live in? More »

23 May 2012
Public Debate with Michael Sandel
'What Money Can't Buy: The Moral Limits of Markets' - Harvard Professor Michael J. Sandel explores some pressing issues with theological and economic responses. More »

16 Apr 2012
Low Pay and High Cost Lending: Ensuring Fairness for All
A seminar that will closely examine the role of mission-driven investors in achieving a better society. More »

10 May 2012
The Church, Its Money and the Markets: Leeds Clergy Day
The latest in our series of clergy learning days. More »

30 Jan 2012
Where Do We Go From Here? Engaging congregations for economic justice
'Social justice' and 'common good' - what do such words mean in a climate of increasing austerity and anger? More »

27 Sep 2011
Can Fairtrade Prosper in a Recession?
JustShare debate exploring Fairtrade in the current economic climate. More »

21 Nov 2011
'Intimidated by Expertise': Clergy Learning Day
A learning day for clergy on finance, the economy and its relation to the Church. More »

04 Nov 2011
Microinsurance: Protecting the Poor in Emerging Markets
How are microinsurance models implemented and situated within the wider context of insurance in emerging markets. More »

28 Sep 2011
What do the Pope and the Archbishop Say About the Economic Crisis?
JustShare Lecture on Christian Social & Political Thought by the Revd Dr John Hughes. More »

27 Sep 2011
Corporate Philanthropy: Good for Business
The final event in a series of three in conjunction with EAPG and New Philanthropy Capital. More »

19 Oct 2011
'Beyond Hot Air': Protecting Value in a Changing Climate
Seminar in conjunction with the CIG for National Ethical Investment Week. More »

29 Mar 2011
Panel Debate: Should we Bank on the Robin Hood Tax?
To what extent does the financial sector have a moral role to play in contributing to the common good? More »

28 Feb 2011 - 14 Mar 2011
Fairtrade Fortnight 2011
Offering over 7.5 million people around the world a more secure future. More »

31 May 2011
Corporate Philanthropy: Myth or Reality?
The first event in a series of three in conjunction with EAPG and New Philanthropy Capital. More »

18 Jul 2011
Corporate Responsibility: Walking the Talk
This event will look at different approaches to corporate giving and investment, showcasing examples of best practice. More »