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Located within the City of London, St Paul's Institute seeks to foster an informed Christian response to the most urgent ethical and spiritual issues of our times: equality, stewardship and the meaning of the common good.

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w/ Theos and Together for the Common Good.
Keynote speech from the Bishop of Salisbury

How Clean is Your Business? How to Manage Responsibly

by Tanya Barman

A new survey of nearly 2,500 management accountants has been released by CGMA, what does it say about the state of ethical business today? More »

 Tanya Barman

Praise Be, Indeed!

by Barbara Ridpath

The very fact that the Pope chose the environment at the subject of his first encyclical highlights the urgency of the issue and calls people to action. More »

 Barbara Ridpath

Fair and Effective Markets Review Released

by Barbara Ridpath

We look forward to continuing to engage in this important conversation on how to re-establish trust in the financial sector. More »

 Barbara Ridpath

Ethical Banking: Not an Oxymoron

by Barbara Ridpath

How can financial institutions begin to re-earn the trust and confidence of their customers? Here are six basic strategies. More »

 Barbara Ridpath

Public Vulnerability is the Key to Shared Success

by Robert Gordon

Can we encourage a new public discourse that is openly vulnerable and ready to discuss our own flaws so that they might be overcome together? More »

 Robert Gordon

Government Policymaking - How does it work?

by John Alty

Following on from the recent House of Bishops' letter, how can the Church most effectively engage with government policymaking? More »

 John Alty

It Doesn't Have To Be Like This

by Andrew Bradstock and Jenny Sinclair

This election campaign is bringing into sharp relief how out of touch the 'political' conversation has become. More »

 Andrew Bradstock and Jenny Sinclair

Climate Change and the Common Good

by Baroness Worthington

We need to change course on climate change, and quickly, but action by any one individual or any one country alone cannot guarantee a resolution. More »

 Baroness Worthington

Would You Like to Have More Power?

by the Revd Canon Dr Angus Ritchie

Although we live in a democracy, many voters feel life is shaped by external economic forces. What would it take for these systems to be placed at the service of a truly common good? More »

the Revd Canon Dr Angus Ritchie
Beyond Election Day
Can Pope Francis clean up God's bank?

Untraceable cash transfers and a culture of secrecy made the Vatican bank one of the world's most notorious financial institutions. But Pope Francis's attempts at reform are meeting ferocious resistance.

Show more compassion to migrants, urge bishops

Church of England bishops have urged the Government to show more compassion to people seeking sanctuary in Britain. The bishops accuse it of shirking its moral responsibility, and using "unhelpful" rhetoric.

The Austerity State

Financial Times analysis of council spending data, to examine the impact of austerity-driven spending cuts.

What difference are women bishops making?

This week sees the consecration of the Church of England's most senior woman bishop so far: the first female to be in charge of a diocese.

General Synod welcomes climate change policy

The General Synod of the Church of England has overwhelmingly welcomed the new climate change policy adopted by the Church's investing bodies.

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