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Located within the City of London, St Paul's Institute seeks to foster an informed Christian response to the most urgent ethical and spiritual issues of our times: equality, stewardship and the meaning of the common good.

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Bishop of Salisbury JustWater Lent Evensong Sermon
Bishop James Jones gives a JustWater sermon
Barbara Ridpath, Director of St Paul's Institute

A Christian Politics of Persuasion

by The Revd Dr James Walters

A look at the role of the Church in promoting constructive conversations that allow us to dialogue in search of understanding even when we disagree. More »

The Revd Dr James Walters

Had Enough of Elections? Let's Talk About What's Good.

by David Rouch

The Chairman of St Paul's Institute Advisory Council see the general election as an occasion to reconsider the common good. More »

 David Rouch

Senior Researcher Position, St Paul's Institute

by Senior Researcher

St Paul's Institute has a vacancy for a Senior Researcher. More »

 Senior Researcher

New Releases for World Water Day

by St Pauls Institute

On the 22 March 2017 we ran a virtual event showcasing new videos, articles, images and more to celebrate World Water Day. More »

  St Pauls Institute

Why Water?

by Barbara Ridpath

Today, on World Water Day, we are holding a virtual event. We will be releasing new items each half hour throughout the day using the hashtag #JustWater17. More »

 Barbara Ridpath

[Job Opening] Institute Events Executive

by St Pauls Institute

Join the team at St Paul's Institute and help run our world-class programme of events. More »

  St Pauls Institute

Career Shifting

by Barbara Ridpath

On Tuesday 21 February, a small group of us were fortunate enough to spend the evening in conversation on career change with journalist Lucy Kellaway. More »

 Barbara Ridpath

Value(s) for Money

by Anna Laycock

Unfortunately, in our economy one form of value tends to take precedence over others and it distorts the way we see and act in the world. More »

 Anna Laycock

Love in Action: The Theology of Martin Luther King Jr. in the World Today

by Robert Gordon

The legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. is lasting because he reminds us to strive for a lofty ideal of what we could be. More »

 Robert Gordon
Top UK fund manager divests from fossil fuels

The archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, played a crucial role in the divestment from fossil fuels by the fund manager, as president of BMO's responsible investment. council.

Ethical businesses and the moral responsibility of tax
6pm Wednesday 24 May 2017 St Mary-le-Bow Church, Cheapside

A JustShare debate on taxation

In our uncertain times, religion must lead by example

Bishops have been criticised for advocating a leftwing perspective. But surely Christianity - and other religions - should promote fairness and equality by default

Boardroom pay: Theresa May must act to curb the excesses

Government must intervene if boards are too feeble to tackle the growth of incentive schemes.

The Road to Somewhere by David Goodhart - a liberal's rightwing turn on immigration

Book Review of David Goodhart's new work.

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