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With the help of an audience of 90 students, Harvard Philosophy professor Michael Sandel asks whether globalisation and inequality have eroded the bonds that hold communities together.
In May 2018, St Paul's Institute launched its report 'Fair Pay for Fair Work: A Look at Executive Pay' to consider policy recommendations that would make executive compensation more transparent and more just.
St Paul's Institute hosts a panel discussion looking at the role of work in our lives and our search for meaning in the 21st century.

Mental Health and the City of London

by Jasvir Singh

On World Mental Health Day, Jasvir Singh reflects on the importance of mental health awareness in City firms. More »

 Jasvir Singh

Can we Organise Cities for Good?

by Richard Blyth

Richard Blyth of the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) reflects on ways the built environment implicitly indicates who is welcome in a community. More »

 Richard Blyth

Give me your tired, your poor

by Barbara Ridpath

Barbara Ridpath, the former director of St Paul's Institute, reflects on a recent visit to Ellis Island. More »

 Barbara Ridpath

London Living Wage could be the biggest attack on poverty since creation of Welfare State

by Tim Thorlby

The widespread adoption of the Living Wage across London would be the biggest attack on poverty since the foundation of the Welfare State, because it would lift 700,000 people and their families out of poverty. More »

 Tim Thorlby

The Only Constant is Change

by Canon Tricia Hillas

The Reverend Canon Tricia Hillas, Canon Pastor at St Paul's Cathedral shares her heart and vision for St Paul's Institute in a new season of change. More »

Canon Tricia Hillas

Back to the Future?

by Barbara Ridpath

The end of this month marks the end of Barbara Ridpath's tenure as Director of St Paul's Institute. This valedictory article looks back at that time but also forward toward the joys and challenges to come. More »

 Barbara Ridpath

The Globalisation of Indifference

by Barbara Ridpath

Barbara Ridpath, Director of St Paul's Institute, helps us consider how community, commonality and faith communities can act as the antidote to the globalisation of indifference. More »

 Barbara Ridpath

Companies and Companionship

by Richard Ellis

Guest commentator Richard Ellis explores how we, as citizens, could help UK corporate public limited companies (PLCs) get back on track. More »

 Richard Ellis

Double-edged Philanthropy

by Barbara Ridpath

Barbara Ridpath helps us to consider if philanthropy is a better model for wealth redistribution than tax policy. More »

 Barbara Ridpath
Democracy, Free Movement and the Common Good
UK wage growth fastest for nearly 10 years

Wages excluding bonuses have risen at their fastest pace in nearly 10 years, official figures show.

Hate crimes: Rise in offences linked to religious beliefs

There has been a surge in hate crime directed at people because of their religious beliefs, new figures show.

Universal Credit: Chancellor pressured over welfare system

Chancellor Philip Hammond is facing increasing pressure from Conservative MPs to find extra funding for Universal Credit in his upcoming budget.

Debt killed my dad

A year ago Jessica Hurst, 25, was told her father had died at the age of 56. Then came the discovery that he had killed himself after getting into debt. What had begun as a relatively small debt for unpaid council tax multiplied many times after the council had him declared bankrupt.

Frank Field urges Archbishop of Canterbury to step in to protect Wonga borrowers

The Archbishop of Canterbury has been urged to intervene in the administration of Wonga to ensure that poor people are not ripped off further.

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